Russian Calendar

The relations of Russia with the West have been governed, throughout the centuries, by a curious law of attraction and repulsion. Emperor Pedro I starred in one of the periods of maximum attraction for Russia by the West since he left the Kremlin for his new capital, Petersburgo, open sea to Western Europe. He traveled incognito to various European countries and his admiration for Western civilization took him, among other things, to prohibit the use of traditional long beards among the courtiers nobles. He also modified the Russian Calendar, in which the years began in September and its computation originated in which the Orthodox Church had been established as the year of creation of the world. Aware of Russian backwardness regarding the Europe of the Renaissance, worked because in Russia permeate some Western thinking and their way of life. If Pedro I represented a maximum cycle of attraction, there is no doubt that Stalin did in the repulsion.

Russia (then USSR) was closed to a world that had by hostile. He had little to say the Russian people, because the cycles of attraction and repulsion were exclusive product of the will or the vagaries of the political leaders of the time. It should be noted that many of these cycles happen almost automatically, out of sheer necessity, and that a period of repulsion and closing was another attraction, to compensate for the disadvantages perceived in the previous cycle. Some Russian analysts believe that Ukraine is a threat to Russia, not for your safety but for your propaganda instrument. The Kremlin want the failure of Ukrainian development model so that the Russian people reject it. The political development of the post-Soviet Ukraine is observed with suspicion from Moscow. The futurologists often exaggerate situations that anticipate in their speculations, but certain arguments have enough weight to be considered. If Ukraine succeeds in its approach to Europe, as he is thought in some circles of Kiev, this will be the condemnation of capitalism’s KGB established by Putin in Moscow.