Looming on the horizon for new elections, the peak that we provide every four years is a democraciaa. The party machines are already at full capacity and prepare to receive from the public what he thinks they are a blank check to continue making and unmaking at will. Meanwhile, citizens lack the mechanisms and efficient means of curbing the use and abuse of power assets, which the responsible exercise of public affairs. So we are stuck in a protodemocracia or as usually described: in a democracia representativaa . a sta has not been any progress in the last 200 years and is based simply on the illusion that the citizens are to be decided, however, effectively held in decision making are nothing more than organized interest groups ( lobbies) that go hand in hand with the parties. Some lobbyists who are in a continuing dispute among themselves to achieve greater levels of influence in power, and Many times we find it hidden behind the initials of certain political parties, associations, foundations, etc. Question not prevent them being from one side or the other, or support a party today and tomorrow another, because all that seek to defend their own interests.

The current situation has been made possible through a process of depoliticization of the masses of citizens. This is nothing new, but is dragged from the Franco regime and what has been pursuing is the demobilization of citizenship. In practice it has had its greatest effect among the most assertive social sectors and destabilizing are those with greatest potential for pressure.