Banking Commission

The text does not make no mention to the return of a divided banking system, solution that had been recommended for many observers, between which Paul Volcker, economic assessor of Obama and old president of the Fed (the BC of U.S.A.). the study neither shows any trace of the original plan to produce a drastic consolidation in the number of regulatory agencies that act on the banking system. In place of six agencies for the sector, now five will exist. As Obama declared anteontem, ' ' we want to make the things in the correct way. We want to act with care. we do not want to face mills of vento' '. The result is a carefully articulated series of commitments between a diversified constellation of regulatory agencies, barons of the Congress and sectorial groups of lobby. To determine that ratio of this careful agreement will survive to the debates for its approval in the Congress continues to be an opened question in.

It is insurance that most of the financial community and the lobby that represents the sector is satisfied with the proposal. Perhaps the element most vulnerable in the reform proposal is the idea to confer to the Fed to be able new on considered institutions as great excessively to break. If to consider that the Fed is seen as responsible by feeding the asset bubble that gave beginning to the process, many legislators, between which allies of the president, consider that this is the equivalent to reward fracasso.' ' To be able economic others concentrated in a place alone are something that at risk places our system of government. The founding parents of U.S.A. if opposed the concentrations of being able economic, or another order, and favored a system of balance and controls recprocos' ' , he affirmed the Mark Warner democrat, member of the Banking Commission of the Senado.Os republican are still more strident in its opposition to a magnifying being able of them of the Fed.