Totalitarian State Conception

' Totalitarian state: Conception of the term in Hannah Arendt and its relation with others autores' '. The Totalitarian State occupied a special place in the circles and the quarrels of social sciences during century XX. To understand its formation, historians, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, had dedicated to its studies to this type of organization politics, have seen that this if expanded for some countries, having some sources in its constitution, differentiated one of the other. The example of this, we have the classic example of Nazism and the Bolchevismo, that Hannah Arendt studied and left exaltado in its book ' ' Origins of the Totalitarismo' ' (1951). In this workmanship cousin on the functioning of the Totalitarianism, according to author, the Totalitarian State is constituted of two basic pillars: the territorial Imperialism and the Anti-semitism. Still in accordance with as xenophobia racial hatred and, aspects, chaste Arendt preconception if constitute in instruments of vital importance for maintenance of the absolute power.

Norberto Bobbio (1983) defines the Totalitarianism as a form of new domination, because it is not only limited in destroying the life politics of the man, but yes its institutions and its capacity of affirmation in the society, isolating it, being submitted its will. The destruction of the capacity politics of the man must, among others factors, to the intense ideological propaganda where the population of the Totalitarian State was inserted (Nazismo and Bolchevismo) and also to the use of the terror, that the destruction of opponents intensifies, therefore taking advantage the fear in the society, each citizen if would become a member in potential of the system. Being thus, to see itself free of a possible persecution on the part of the repressive agencies, they finish for exposing any type of situation that can be considered conspiracy suspicion. The fear, therefore, becomes a constant element, eliminating morally and socially the population, that is at the mercy of of state agencies of the benevolence of the dictator.


Acting in accordance with our rationality, in accordance with what we decide, we have ample responsibility for what to choose. Already in the contemporaneidade, Sartre rediscusses the question of the freedom, under a marxist point of view. It is important to remember that Marx says in them on the importance of the corporal reality in the relations between the citizens. It establishes a dialtico and historical materialism, of a side because he considers that the historical relations had been if constituting through the fights of classrooms, of another one, for considering that history must be seen under the material point of view, considering not only productive materiality, but the corporeidade of the proper man. The inheritance of the marxist thought was so great that the humanity could be received by all. Sartre, for example, establishes a marxist and atheistic existencialismo, pautado for the enrollment politician social marxist.

For Sarte, the basic question of the existencialismo consists of the total freedom of I before the world. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. A time that God does not exist, says it, has then total responsibility for what I make. It does not have no essence in the world of the ideas that who says to me I must be or what I must make. I that I choose, to each moment am, what I want to be; I am I project who me, therefore my existence I precede my essence. Sartre expands the responsibility of the individual for all the humanity, in the measure where it considers that only we can choose what we are good for e, as the individuals are equal, we choose what the humanity is good for all. If Kant considers that the freedom cannot have empirical representation, Sarte presents a diverse point of view. The corporeidade human being is exactly what it exposes the existence and the freedom is limited by the limitations of the body.

Periodical Challenge

I write the substances of the edition of the month of November of the Periodical Challenge of the Capital of the State of Pernambuco, Recife. I participate of some, amongst as many cultural events that they occur this way. Month of the year has a cultural agenda for each. It called my attention for the importance that the recifense gave the Week of the Black Conscience. It had a programming that wide it was spread out in all the medias having involved lectures and walked. The Walked one against RACISM was organized by the Public prosecution service. The Act left Office of the attorney general-Generality de Justia, from the 14 hours and all had covered of foot, the stretches between the building of the Bar Association of Brazil, Court of the Justice of Pernambuco, Palace of the Government and State legislature. The bands showed the following calls: one to look at without preconception for the black population.

In the CDL great debate happened on law 10,639 that it deals with the study on the history of Africa and the Culture Afro-Brazilian in basic and average education. The lectures had happened in some points of Recife. In Fair of Santana, where I coexisted almost per 20 years, the biggest city of the bahian interior is the Capital, Salvador, a city with almost 900 a thousand inhabitants and many blacks, with a culture reverenciada for its people, the black movements are not intense thus, because the majority of us, including (me) already acquired the conscience of that we are a people alone. But Recife fights bravely for this conscience. The delay of a community starts to disappear when it fights to surpass its deficiencies, even though the intolerncia how much to our next one because it is black, it is not deficiency and yes an illness. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Paulo Coelho. Mine two children, girls who I created and I guided for the life are creatures highly evolved, educated and that if they infuriate with the majority of its friends and friends mountain range-talhadenses that had not had the same education and they are prejudiced how much to our black brothers. Why Mountain range Cut, that is a sick city of preconception, thus does not praise a movement in the Week of the Black Conscience?

Why Kailas

I long dream to visit Tibet. Namely, the famous Mount Kailas. -Why Kailas? Than this mountain is attractive to you? And he began an interesting and exciting story is about this famous place. My partner looked a lot academic programs and films about Tibet, read many books and he sometimes traveled to Tibet in his fantasies. Judging by the amount of information it collected that information for several years. My next question was, in my opinion, very logical: “You probably would like to visit this place.

How much does a trip there? And here I could not believe what he had heard: “I never learned the value of vouchers or a trip to Tibet. I believe it is very expensive pleasure, may 5000 dollars, may 10 000. -So you want to say that you spent hours watching tv, watching shows and movies about Tibet, have read a lot of different books on this subject, I have watched a million photos of Kailash, had weeks or even months in the library, studying this interesting topic for you, but you nirazu not asked about the cost of the tour in this famous place? Yes, this is so – without a shadow of doubt answered my companion. – I think it’s too expensive for me, so I do not even this issue. To hear the answer brought me back to reality. During our mini training ended and the threads were all exhausted at this we parted.

A few days later my partner called me and joyful voice shared with me his research: It turns out permit to Tibet is not so dear, is not hiding the joy shared my interlocutor. – The price varies from $ 1500 up to 3000, depending on the duration and degree of scientific expeditions. You see, I can go there! It’s available for me! Pleasant jitteriness embraced me, then my efforts were not wasted. Stone still got a shoe and podtalknul to action. Over the next hour, we discussed the options and details of the project. My partner has even made savings plan and described the details of this trip. I am sure that in October this year, he definitely will go to Tibet and visit Kailash! Think and you about their dreams and goals. Maybe you shared only a small step that can be done right now.

Milky Way

For 26 thousands of years, concludes a long series, and 13 thousand years, a small loop. And 13,000 years ago, the most advanced civilization of the Earth – Atlantis disappeared under the water. The current cycle is different from previous ones in that both must occur in several cycles of the Earth, the solar system, in our constellation of the Pleiades are close to us in the spirit of stellar systems, Sirius and Orion, our Milky Way galaxy and our universe. Power of Love and Light Cosmos are trying to humanity without a huge loss, moved into a new cycle. The transition is inevitable, no one has the right to cancel, then – which is scheduled to God. The only way to explain to mankind that it prepare for the transition, increased love, get rid of dark ballast. A force under the influence of power – Darkness, trying to mankind remains forever in the dark, and served them: as an energy source. Especially our planet operates secret government, which is subject to this force. The emergence of many teachers in different parts of the world – North America – Drunvalo Melhesidek, South America – Jose Arguelles, Africa – Theun Murez, Asia – Satyan Baba, Bulent Chorak, Australia – , Europe – Oris emergence of various societies and schools to help mankind to realize that waiting for him, as it should behave in difficult moments, how should it be free from the influence of darkness and seek the Light. The forces of darkness by advertising illusory material world is pushing humanity towards hoarding and consumerism and increasing fear in the hearts of the people to keep humanity in a sturdy leash, so that it performs for them the role of supplier low-frequency vibration.


The sovereign power would be, also, bound by that natural right that stops Puffendorf is true right and not a simple direction or principles guide for the governor. But this obligation to keep the natural right is imperfect inasmuch as there is no a judicial instance where the sovereign can be demanded to make fulfill it, being its effectiveness into the hands of God that would be something as well as supreme ” avenger of the right natural”. Secondly Period At this time ” we will see accentuate the protective character of the individual guarantees that has the right but that the one of safeguard of the order. It matters now plus the freedom that seguridad”. 4 the right becomes mechanism par excellence to avoid the autocracy and the despotism.

One characterizes the period by a tendency towards free Capitalism and political liberalism, with accent in the protection of the natural rights of the individuals against the violations of the governments, via an absolute separation of the powers public. ** Locke (1632-1704) the nature state where the man enjoyed great freedom and equality found prevailed by the natural right that ” it taught to the man whom, being all independent equals and, nobody had to harm to another one in its life, health, freedom or properties. While everybody existed the nature state had the power to take to the practice that natural right and to punish by its own hands the infractions to his normas”. But that system did not bring but difficulties. The cause is this of which the men decide to make a pact.

Luis Kesley

Collective democratic decision issues such as distribution of profits and investment policies. Not hard to see that none of the above principles are fully compatible with the monopoly of the employer-owner of the corporation. Not hard note that these principles can seamlessly fit only in the form of ownership, where primary production collectives are owners of their use of means of production. That is the modern scientific research on improving the economic efficiency of large corporations have developed institutional policies that require the transition to a form of ownership, where: the appearance of a condominium now replaced by a true condominium used by a group of means of production, the appearance of democracy is replaced by a truly equal Companion relationships between all members of the personnel, visibility absence of class antagonism is replaced by the destruction of the basis of antagonism – of private property and wage labor. And this form of ownership already exists. It is developed by American economist and lawyer Luis Kesley employee ownership, which is still quite far from perfect its internal organizational structure, and therefore not yet creates an equilibrium of the labor market, but which, however, even in this imperfect able to fairly compete successfully with private ownership. Fundamental studies of equilibrium of the labor market lead to similar conclusions: The means of production should belong to the primary production teams (brigades, divisions), which in large corporations are self-supporting, almost market relations.

Management Corporation selected a tiered system, phased competitive selection process, where workers are choosing only the first-level managers, who in turn choose the leaders of the second level, etc. Critical issues (including the cost of labor members of the team) leader any level to solve together with activists led by their team – 3-4 persons all recognized team of professionals. If we keep in mind the socialist society as a whole, the entire system of government should be formed similarly upward, forming a uniform pyramid of democracy, democracy and eliminating the infamous division of power in the federal-regional first-class and second-rate – the power of local government. The fact which political power can pull Russia out of the swamp into which dragged her by those who at the time of privatization to seize people by the means of production can be found in the article 'The main error of Marxism and ways to overcome them. "

Verona Politics

The monarchy is a government form where the individual governs as state head. Therefore having two or more people living in group they are needed rules to organize, to manage the convivncia getting the balance enters the people favoring the general collective and individual of each member, this process can be defined as politics. Dante lived at a time of transistion exit of the average age for the renaissance and can even though observe the creation of the Inquisio Saint for Inocncio Pope, at this time the power of the church was unquestioned, an extremely authoritarian period where the monarch exerted its power fully. Word-Key: Monarchy, transistion Average Age and Renaissance, absolute power of the Church. Students of Philosophy in the Bagozzi College. In this work we intend to present the thought politician of Dante Alighieri through its workmanship the Monarchy, for thus, to provide to the reader an understanding of its thought in the field politician in time where the author lived.

I the universe of Dante Alighieri. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was born in Florena in the seio of a family of noble origin. With great activity politics in the party favorable to the Emperor (guelfos whites), it arrived to be, in recent years of century XIII, member of the advice and prior of Florena. He received its education from religious orders (Dominican and franciscanos), a genuinely scholastic formation, not representing a clergyman or neither a lay illiterate person, but before an intellectual and a writer who knew and used the philosophical, canonsticas arguments, theological legal experts and knowing to tie them enter itself in independent and effective way. He was pursued by its performance condemned politics and to the fogueira for corruption, extortion and legal opposition to the Pope; if he took refuge in diverse Italian cities, as: Verona, Pdua, Treviso, Venice and Ravena, always under responsibility of on noblemen to the Emperor.

Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues

It perfectly seems reasonable to not only defend such principles and values, as well as to add another type of essential concerns, so that the third millenium is a period not only of freedom, but also of equality and justice, that lead to a society where the human beings possess equality of rights, they live collective in a solidarity atmosphere, far from the differences so wrinkled that they separate rich and poor, powerful and oppressed and the gradual elimination, of the hunger, of the unemployment of the breaking of the Human Rights and others males that they torment this said society of success. It has been defended that an important paper will fit, exactly essential, to philosophy contemporary, (emptied that it goes being: not only for the advances of science, of the technique and the technology; as, lamentably, for some of its detractors) in the direction to defend and to infuse in the humanity a new concept of the person human being while subject of rights and duties: Integral citizen of an only universe. Any that is the structures that base a legal body of rights and duties, it will not have you doubt that, directa or, indirectamente explicit or implicitly, they will integrate the principles and values that consecrate the Human Rights, being certain that in a democracy of the type Occidental person, in the true Democratic Rules of law, she is impensvel any absence and/or strong reference to the Human Rights. Bibliography: INTERNATIONAL AMNISTIA? Portuguese section, (s.d). Universal declaration of the Human Rights, Lisbon BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Space Luso-Brazilian, Dissertao de Mestrado, Braga, University of the Minho. (Not published) BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2006). ‘ ‘ A Code of Humanos’ Rights will be Necessary; ‘ , Campinas SP: Metrocamp Integrated Facultieses Metropolitans of Campinas? Brazil, in (Articles); 16/05/2006, BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2007).

Sylvester Pine

The pragmatismo, when used for the well-common one, can be an attitude to salutar, a principle to observe, why not new a practical politics? A pragmatismo that does not leave nobody of is of the system, that uses inclusive strategies the social organization has implicit a set of norms and rules that they support, also they, the activity politics of the man who, of remaining portion, since always comes exerting, whichever regimes, because the system politician defines and leads which and as if they must process the diverse ones politics of the society and the organization where it must seat its functioning. Nor of another form if it could develop the exercise of the responsible citizenship, which estimates a magnifying of the participativa intervention, in the picture of a modern civil society, efficient humanist and in what it respects to the level and quality of life of its fellow citizens. ation. Bibliography BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). ‘ ‘ Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Luso-Brasileiro’ Space; ‘.