Luis Kesley

Collective democratic decision issues such as distribution of profits and investment policies. Not hard to see that none of the above principles are fully compatible with the monopoly of the employer-owner of the corporation. Not hard note that these principles can seamlessly fit only in the form of ownership, where primary production collectives are owners of their use of means of production. That is the modern scientific research on improving the economic efficiency of large corporations have developed institutional policies that require the transition to a form of ownership, where: the appearance of a condominium now replaced by a true condominium used by a group of means of production, the appearance of democracy is replaced by a truly equal Companion relationships between all members of the personnel, visibility absence of class antagonism is replaced by the destruction of the basis of antagonism – of private property and wage labor. And this form of ownership already exists. It is developed by American economist and lawyer Luis Kesley employee ownership, which is still quite far from perfect its internal organizational structure, and therefore not yet creates an equilibrium of the labor market, but which, however, even in this imperfect able to fairly compete successfully with private ownership. Fundamental studies of equilibrium of the labor market lead to similar conclusions: The means of production should belong to the primary production teams (brigades, divisions), which in large corporations are self-supporting, almost market relations.

Management Corporation selected a tiered system, phased competitive selection process, where workers are choosing only the first-level managers, who in turn choose the leaders of the second level, etc. Critical issues (including the cost of labor members of the team) leader any level to solve together with activists led by their team – 3-4 persons all recognized team of professionals. If we keep in mind the socialist society as a whole, the entire system of government should be formed similarly upward, forming a uniform pyramid of democracy, democracy and eliminating the infamous division of power in the federal-regional first-class and second-rate – the power of local government. The fact which political power can pull Russia out of the swamp into which dragged her by those who at the time of privatization to seize people by the means of production can be found in the article 'The main error of Marxism and ways to overcome them. "