On the other hand, in some strips the second thing they did was (figuratively) dismissing the doctor Pedro Recio de Aguero substitute, leaving any other Ministry of the peninsula is recreated with the functions of the doctor, as for example to imitate him in food issues, i.e., recall the arguments of the doctor when said:?Omnis bad saturatio, perdicis autem pessima. You mean, all hartazga is bad; but the partridges, very bad?. (In the modernization of the Government, has been replaced the partridges with pizzas and burgers); do do or to contradict the indicciones of the doctor, when he spoke for example rabbits:? so I think that your worship mercy do not eat those casseroles rabbits that are there, because it’s tricky delicacy?. Connecticut Senator often addresses the matter in his writings. Hence, the modernization of the Government found another excuse (to give a better service) and began to raise taxes. Let’s share the wealth! We must create infrastructures! There is that! There! As it hurts in the Pocket but the nearest Government is not that of the municipality? And the funding of the municipality not is also underway mainly with direct taxes and charges (cost of services) we pay neighbors?.

They have that lunch was not black, and that apparently not all Andros (regions) are equal is going! and, I now think so and all municipalities are equal and all the neighbors also because that!, to prevent what one sees more, i.e., the municipal caciquismo, opts to create Governments and parliaments of quixotic Andros (regions) and what they were supposed to, i.e. I am better that my neighbor (to govern and manage) only will be given at the regional level and prevents the chieftaincy municipal is why? There is no way to develop municipal autonomy. But before these questions the costly reality after so many years is that the quixotic Andros (parliaments regional), have increased as mushrooms and the mediocrity of our rulers also and leaving aside the example and instructions you received our dear Sancho us is costing more money, that keep governors who should be our service and solve our problems and that given its mediocrity, in many occasions have managed to increase the number of problems in these small and large communities, and that cost us more that live (survive) and in addition now! there is no way of getting them off. Perhaps for this reason, I keep hearing the word of Sancho:?Do open way, messeigneurs, and let me go back to my old freedom: leave me to go to search for past life, so that I resurrected this present death?. Original author and source of the article

Effective Knowledge Communication

Internet. A breakthrough for communication, but has its risks. Anyone can do, citing his right to freedom of expression, comments about a person, company or subject. However these comments sometimes can violate the rights of the person concerned. It is difficult to realize when it is being effectively violated the right of a third party. Requires providers of intermediation services a diligence or care with regard to information published on the Web site for which they are responsible. LSSI regulates this aspect in its article 16 defining the principle of effective knowledge, therefore cited intermediation services providers should be aware of the scope and limits of the same.

This rule indicates that only be responsible to the supplier of services of intermediation, the contents or expressions unlawful discharges by others on your website, without direct participation of the provider of these services, when it has effective knowledge of the illegality of the activity or information. More forward undertakes to delimit what is meant by effective knowledge indicating that it will be when a competent body has declared the wrongfulness of the data, ordered their withdrawal or that inhibit access to them, or been declared the existence of the injury, and the lender knew the corresponding resolution. Therefore a restrictive interpretation of article would entail that there must first be a trial by the competent authority in which you must declare the wrongfulness of the action or expression, later a communication to the owner of the website, which prompted the existence of the condemnatory resolution, and be invited to remove content from infringement of rights. Only if after this communication and invitation the Webmaster does not withdraw the content could be given responsible. However this article leaves an open door for the intermediation service provider can contribute their own control procedures, which in any case qualifies as volunteers.

Phenomenon Unthinkable

We return to politics as a phenomenon thinkable Teodulo Lopez Melendez is true we live in the time of the image. This implies that the specific purposes are unnecessary, as well practiced, so that the simulation becomes the head of some powerful lost the new principle, one which is the same model that is shown, what is important, and where eager hope viewers are taught a game that have already been accustomed to playing that it ends up becoming dispersion and annulment of the political. The current Venezuelan regime has succeeded in creating an image of thought in which almost no longer be can think but from within the pensamiento-Estado centrality. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. That is why in his speech there are always elements of truth, a very minority, but which creates effects of truth. From there his tenure despite their mistakes and their incompetence. We must oppose a new thought, a distinct symbolic organization, while we do the opposite: a constant repetition, displays it in the Doppelganger, in a few words, a simulacrum of representation that reinforces the image. In the absence of an original political strategy Government runs rampant with the staging of their chains or their Alo, President of spectacular solicitation now impregnated with expropriations and insults nearly every day. If there is inconsistency or contradiction in the discourse of the dictator he is simply because there is no need to articulate speeches.

His only interest is the development of a power strategy based on the desire to show, that we see doing rave masses previously committed and arreadas to the place of the show. Break it did not happen by way of the Doppelganger because the original order of the copied image was the change the scale between political system and the massive sphere. Play was, as we have said, become a perpetual instant purpose. In these conditions you can not say that politics is a possibility to be done, unless somehow the interstices to seek to overcome the blaze of hatred.

Federative Presidents

Before the end of the year and given the lack of response on the evolution of the study the Commission established for that purpose, as well as by the absence of explanations from the RFEC and its seventeen autonomous, referred a new email all them, similar to the rest of media, offering essential technical collaboration and encouragement and work needed to perform a work completeserious and objective. The response returned to shine by their absence, not looking theme to be managers of the seventeen regional federations which, ultimately, and above all in cases in which they would bring many years in Office, as many as this project, would be as responsible as the directors of the RFEC, passing through their hands, in the various assemblies and joints, all the movements that they perform. Finished the Christmas holidays, has been sent a new mail which reiterated the request, both the RFEC as the regional federations, so that they comply with their obligation to report on the development of the research and information that might have on the matter, thus preventing it elucubrase with data and false rumors, achieving offer information accurate, truthful and transparent, and to be reproached the lack of attention to the media and the apathy with which were actingindifferent towards the Federated hunters who, according to their charges, are due. Although it is true that in some federations their Chairmen moved tab, analyzing posture with your policies and assemblies to maintain and its future approach, waiting to know the results of the Commission to make decisions. This situation continued during the months of January and February, that the flag of the Federative Presidents (some involved by their positions and connoisseurs of the project on alternative to the lead ammunition) was silence, ignoring its main obligation to work, in this case, for informing Federated hunters. In this situation we have reached on March 8, the date on which the media we receive a press release from the RFEC which, it seems, should be the conclusions of the Federal Commission, as stated in the received e-mail, checking that the contents of a single folio is intended to convey the work of a Commission for three monthsresulting in a text superfluous, generalist, empty and that neither explains nor adds nothing, except for a reference to the technical and economic mismanagement of the project, situation that makes to be send again, in an email sent to all the Federal establishment, a new application that asks a note with information would be, deep and complete, as it demands all of the hunting sector.

Fern Park

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Argentine Finances

Serious are the problems that are afflicting the Argentine finances these days. After the virtual playpen to foreign currencies which the Government imposed through the AFIP, the greenback blue in Argentina has skyrocketed, reaching an exchange rate gap of more than 35% of difference with the official dollar. The greenback parallel is in the clouds, and how to buy dollar parallel is something that brings the dream to more than one. In this situation, such difference has begun to affect various sectors of finance, and to put nervous to the citizens of the country, accustomed to the Argentine economy economic cycles. So, the first sector affected is the market for properties, where already has changed everything.

The Government says that with this he achieved that for the first time in the Argentina operating in this market in national currency, be published, sold and purchased in pesos instead of dollars. But analysts doubt this assertion, since since 1975 there has never been more transactions that are not in dollars; You can publish those classified in pesos but to cover the operation that will be made in any foreign currency. Another latent danger in the rise of the greenback is inflation. In a country hit hard with inflation, according to private numbers is located at a pace of between 20% and 30% per year for the last five years, the risk of an acceleration of the IPC makes put with hair-raising government and workers, that they see as wages do not see changes in their increases with the rate of inflation. Culprits of the Crisis there are many opinions in Argentina in relation to who is to blame for this crisis. According to that side are (either Government or opposition), the guilty parties can be on whether Argentines (accustomed to save in dollars), companies, banks or the Government.

Moreover, many put you name and surname to blame for the crisis: Guillermo Moreno, become the black monk of the Government. Some experts repeated conservatively that this crisis is not being handled by suitable persons. They describe that the measures were taken and is still taking with in relation to the US dollar not only are not turning the fire but that are fuelling. And the reason for this is that, today, the reins Economics of the country are not in head of the Minister of the economy, but the Secretary of Commerce, commanded by Moreno. So, in a scheme where the arrogance and the vale everything the Secretary of Commerce (according to words which are vox populi in Argentina and also the same Moreno undertakes to assert), diplomacy, consensus and discussion have been shelved. What the average Argentine wondered is: do is a person suitable? Most already has a response for some time, even before this crisis desmanejo: no, it is not.

Gastronomy In Madrid

After four years of life, it is now when Pinera restaurant has really come to be a reference to critics Madrid restaurant. You could say that it is one of the restaurants of fashion in the capital. Maintains its splendid direction of room under the baton of Jorge Davila (rara avis in a world of gastronomy dominated by chefs) and culinary advice dispensed daily by the former chef of Zalacain, the historic Benjamin Urdiain, but the kitchen has undergone some changes after the new addition, just a few months ago, of just 24 years-old Javier Aranda. I did not know the old stage, but it gives the impression that the current, although still of some lapses, going in a good way, if it is aware of the difficulties that entails for a chef so young, carry a restaurant open every day and with a significant volume of clientele. But Pinera, more than in any other establishment, should make a general assessment of the experience gastronomic. and your second aboard oscar Marcos, who occupied the night of our visit the position of sommelier by the absence of the proprietor Mario Garcia, make Pinera an ideal place for lovers of exquisite room service, much appreciated in Madrid. Perhaps with a small difference compared to other sites.

The elegant attention is not accompanied by the usual excess of reverence and homage, sometimes exaggerated in this type of establishment. If I understand correctly the words of Jorge Davila, with Pinera is it has chosen to do a House of high market food (relatively moderate price included), rather than a great restaurant of high cuisine in Madrid to use. Javier Aranda, a native chef from a village in Toledo, has just received a special mention as the second qualified in the competition of the revelation chef in MadridFusion. It moves by the stove since his teens. Obviously not he could escape from his step by Adolfo, the emblematic restaurant luxury in toledo or the Bohio neighbor, but she transited also by Ars Vivendi, Martin and Sant Celoni. Does not exist in this House an explicit tasting menu but is accepted without problem serving a clientele that requests it, as for example for the professional audience that filled the cheap restaurant in these days of gastronomic Congress half portions.

Commission American

London.-a Holocaust occurred in each of the two world wars. In the first (1914-18) Turkey exterminated its Armenian population and the second (1939-45) Germany annihilated almost all the Jews of central and Eastern Europe. However, single genocide which officially recognizes us is 6 million Jews. This has served him to justify his actions in World War II, and then to always support Israel. However, for more than nine decades Washington has not catalogued as genocide the Ottoman of 1.5 million Armenians murder.

This, despite the fact that Turkey has a history of suppression of their minorities: in 1922 he would expel one million Greeks (the rest of its Christian population) and to this day refuses to recognize the language and nationality of its ten million Kurds. Looking for correct this incongruity of external affairs of the House of representatives Commission American voted a resolution describing the massacre as a genocide. Bush, however, wants prevent the Congress to endorse it because it argues that this would damage their relationship with Turkey, whom he considers a key ally in the global war on terror. However, the Armenian Holocaust is something much worse than the sum of all the massacres perpetuated by Al Qaeda. This shows the inconsistencies of Bush, who, in turn, has tended to ignore the way in which Turkey mistreats its minorities.