Commission American

London.-a Holocaust occurred in each of the two world wars. In the first (1914-18) Turkey exterminated its Armenian population and the second (1939-45) Germany annihilated almost all the Jews of central and Eastern Europe. However, single genocide which officially recognizes us is 6 million Jews. This has served him to justify his actions in World War II, and then to always support Israel. However, for more than nine decades Washington has not catalogued as genocide the Ottoman of 1.5 million Armenians murder.

This, despite the fact that Turkey has a history of suppression of their minorities: in 1922 he would expel one million Greeks (the rest of its Christian population) and to this day refuses to recognize the language and nationality of its ten million Kurds. Looking for correct this incongruity of external affairs of the House of representatives Commission American voted a resolution describing the massacre as a genocide. Bush, however, wants prevent the Congress to endorse it because it argues that this would damage their relationship with Turkey, whom he considers a key ally in the global war on terror. However, the Armenian Holocaust is something much worse than the sum of all the massacres perpetuated by Al Qaeda. This shows the inconsistencies of Bush, who, in turn, has tended to ignore the way in which Turkey mistreats its minorities.