Gastronomy In Madrid

After four years of life, it is now when Pinera restaurant has really come to be a reference to critics Madrid restaurant. You could say that it is one of the restaurants of fashion in the capital. Maintains its splendid direction of room under the baton of Jorge Davila (rara avis in a world of gastronomy dominated by chefs) and culinary advice dispensed daily by the former chef of Zalacain, the historic Benjamin Urdiain, but the kitchen has undergone some changes after the new addition, just a few months ago, of just 24 years-old Javier Aranda. I did not know the old stage, but it gives the impression that the current, although still of some lapses, going in a good way, if it is aware of the difficulties that entails for a chef so young, carry a restaurant open every day and with a significant volume of clientele. But Pinera, more than in any other establishment, should make a general assessment of the experience gastronomic. and your second aboard oscar Marcos, who occupied the night of our visit the position of sommelier by the absence of the proprietor Mario Garcia, make Pinera an ideal place for lovers of exquisite room service, much appreciated in Madrid. Perhaps with a small difference compared to other sites.

The elegant attention is not accompanied by the usual excess of reverence and homage, sometimes exaggerated in this type of establishment. If I understand correctly the words of Jorge Davila, with Pinera is it has chosen to do a House of high market food (relatively moderate price included), rather than a great restaurant of high cuisine in Madrid to use. Javier Aranda, a native chef from a village in Toledo, has just received a special mention as the second qualified in the competition of the revelation chef in MadridFusion. It moves by the stove since his teens. Obviously not he could escape from his step by Adolfo, the emblematic restaurant luxury in toledo or the Bohio neighbor, but she transited also by Ars Vivendi, Martin and Sant Celoni. Does not exist in this House an explicit tasting menu but is accepted without problem serving a clientele that requests it, as for example for the professional audience that filled the cheap restaurant in these days of gastronomic Congress half portions.