Labour Organization

List and explain the sectors in which economic activity is divided. Put two examples of companies belonging to each of them (June 2009). What is and what is the share premium in a capital increase? (September 2009). Explain how they affect the bargaining power of a company: to) the merger of some of its main suppliers. (b) the merger of some of its most important customers (Septiembre2009).

Point and justified if the following characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises are advantages or disadvantages for their competitiveness: qualification and training of personnel, funding, flexibility of organization and proximity to the customer (2010 model). The NISER company presents a project to settle in the community of Madrid. What four variables and more relevant location criteria should be considered to make the right decision? Justify the answer and point to an example in each case (2010 model). Point and explain the classification of enterprises according to the ownership of its capital (general June 2010). Defines mercantile societies (0.5 points) and expose two examples thereof (general September 2010). Point and explain four features of the individual entrepreneur (2011 model).

THEORY unit 3: Area of organization Define the concept of organizational structure and describe the different types of organization chart who knows. (June 2003) 2 Cite three incentives influencing labour motivation (June 2004). Explain what is the function of the organizational structure in an organization. (September 1004) 4 Jorge, Sonia and Carlos work on the TREK company, S.A. Jorge is the director of the production department, Sonia is the Director of the commercial Department and Carlos is an employee of this last Department. Explain the different types of internal communication can be established between these three workers (September 2005). 5 Explain the scientific Labour Organization school.