The Kosmos

Indeed, given the heterogeneity of the population, the levels of consciousness and the enormous amount of individuals with first-degree thought, holistic education is a real ideal, sought in this adventure of educating road to the development of consciousness. Learn how to be is a book that tells us about what is the heart of holistic education: spirituality. Learn to be us forwards immediately to knowledge that we have learned throughout our lives because this is what determines, the vision we have of the dumb way of seeing and living our reality and ourselves, if what has been learned is structural, mechanical, very probably our vision of reality is equal, probably not problem for us kill some animaldestroy nature, throw trash on the street, safe relationships are competition, you probably live in constant stress, subjectivity is not something important, before depression if you can have to buy something that we want to lift the mood, conflicts to life inside and outside of it are part of the exist, i.e. the world is naturally fragmented. In very general terms, this is the life for whom the vision of the world has as base a scientistic material knowledge, whose primary model is the machine, industry. On the contrary, if the knowledge we learned is of love, respect, attention, care, communication and dialogue, are we to respected and guided in the expression of our emotions, have been adequately addressed our questions about the existence, the relationship of school house and the environment are linked explicitly, so that help me favorably in this walk for life, they favor ethical, cordial relations of respect, mutual cooperation with migo itself, with peers, the different ecosystems and the Kosmos, moreover, primarily to pending state since childhood, collaborate in the spiritual growth of the individual, to maintain his connection with the self internal and guide you on your healthy deployment.