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RESIDENCY in lithuania as such in a literal sense, it does not exist. This is our common people with you term (we are so convenient to understand each other ) In reality, there is such a term as a residence permit for Republic of Lithuania – temporary and permanent. It is worth noting that the Permanent residence permit in lithuania immediately You do not get (unless, of course, not a person of Lithuanian descent – the law to help you ). Therefore, if you have promised this – make your conclusions and both 'legs' And even if you get a permit for temporary accommodation – not in a hurry to relax, enjoy it all year. And two months before the end of your document you will need to gather all the documents again and submit for consideration in the migration. It is worth bear in mind that when issuing the next one-year permit to take into account your activities in Lithuania, the law-abiding, the reality of living in the Republic of Lithuania – Yes, yes There is also another section of the law mentioning the conditions under which a valid permit to stay may be withdrawn or it may be denial of the next (Law to help you under 'Useful Information') In particular, if you do not plan to reside in Lithuania or stay in its territory (or at least the territory of the European Union) more than three months of the year – think about it, it (in the sense of resolution) do you want? because under such circumstances it is likely that follow you just can not give