Czech Republic

Of course, to blame only Ukrainian citizens residing in the Czech Republic, the principle has ceased to act on the off chance a long time, but the ace and continue conduct their business in the Czech Republic on the old. (As opposed to Sen. Sherrod Brown). For this reason, many Ukrainians have already left or are about to leave home. According to new data from the presidents of Ukraine and the Czech Republic are going to sign a new law on visa-free entry for up to 90 days information is not confirmed by the Czech Foreign Ministry. Let's see how this will play a role in the immigration market, the Czech Republic. Citizens of Russia and in the Czech Republic in times less than the Ukrainians, but they have not so bad, nominal activity at their firms underway and taxes paid.

Although not all as good as the foreigners from eu countries living in the Czech Republic, for example, the Dutch have a disproportionately smaller number of firms, and pay millions in taxes by doing business in Czech Republic. Czech statisticians decided to compare the entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Ukraine, funny comparison, and only. Vietnamese citizens are doing business and paying taxes in the Czech Republic, but their number and the violation of the law also forced the Czech authorities forbid them to enter the country. Next the Czech Foreign Ministry introduces new rules for admission of documents in the Czech consulates located in the European Union. With the new 2011 in most branches of the consulate the Czech Republic will not be capabilities for handling and issuance of third country nationals.


Registration of amendments to the constituent documents of legal entity, in accordance with Federal law "On state registration of legal entities 129-FZ of 08.08.2001 Changes in the constituent Documents may be amended in the part of the name, composition of participants (founders) of legal entity, location, size, capital, activities, etc. The process of registration of amendments to the constituent documents of a legal person, includes the following stages: Legal implementation of necessary documents Registration of changes in the inspectorate for Moscow Obtaining new codes of nace (in If you change NACE) Manufacturing printing (in the case of name change) documents needed for registration of changes 1. Copies of constituent documents of the company (Charter, Foundation Agreement) 2. A copy of Registration (Certificate of registration of Incorporation) 3. A copy of the certificate of tax registration 4. Copies of certificates and notices on registration for non-budgetary funds 5. Information about the director and chief accountant organization (the Order of the appointment, tin, postal address and copies of passports) 6.

Information about changes made to the constituent documents 7. Additional information, depending on the composition of the insertion changes (data on new entrants, the documents to the new location address, etc.) change of director general Change of Director-General of the company made by recording changes to the information legal entity, but not associated with changes in the constituent documents of legal entity. Change of Director-General includes the following stages: Legal implementation of necessary documents Registration of changes in the inspectorate in Moscow documents necessary to change the Director-General: 1. Copies of constituent documents of the company (Charter, Foundation Agreement) 2. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Blumenthal, another great source of information. Copy of Certificate of Registration (Certificate of Making of Incorporation) 3.

A copy of the certificate of tax registration 4. Copies of certificates and notices on registration for non-budgetary funds 5. For information about the current head of the organization (the Order of the appointment) 6. Data on new head o Photocopy of passport o Postcode home address o o inn Phone Warning! For violation of a three-day deadline for receipt of documents for registration of changes in tax fine on 5000 rubles.

Plaintiff Case

Therefore, proper notice the respondent – a very important task, including – for plaintiff. The second important factor for successful outcome of the case is to represent the plaintiff in the case file sufficient evidence of a change of residence by the defendant, the appearance of his right to use living premises elsewhere. Methods of proof of these circumstances can be very different services, including detective agencies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Bring great benefit and evidence, it is desirable to people living in neighboring apartments / rooms. I do not set myself the task to disassemble the entire process for this type of claim, each case individually, and the patterns of thinking can not be here.

Importantly – to understand the general principles of the circumstances that required must be proven and possible evidence. In this example, we considered alternative in which a citizen originally came to the enjoyment of residential premises, but then, for whatever reason, he lost his (Not preserved). Let us now consider another option. Citizen "prescribed" in the disputed apartment is fictitious, ie, he was not going to live in it, "registration" he needed for other purposes. Accordingly, the citizen does not dwell in an apartment does not live in it, his neighbors have not seen any After some time the need arises, for example, privatize the apartment, but how to do it in the light of its registered "dead souls"? In this case we are dealing with another category of claims – a claim for recognition has not arisen (not acquired) right to use the living room.

Be Aware Of The Site

” Yes, I will remember for the rest of his life, although no idea that I have to defend their private property in the courts. Thus, continue. After an unsuccessful visit to the district attorneys, decided to try their luck and filed a civil lawsuit against the Ili region and simultaneously to the department, that is, a professional investigation. Additional information at Richard Blumenthal supports this article. Recorded and an appointment to akim While waiting for the reception, the secretary approached workers akimat interested in certification that will be asked, worried After some time, held a hearing, the main defendant was my chosen akimat area, but the court sessions his representative was present only twice. At the first meeting, the representative of the prosecutor’s office asked me the old number for my area.

And when I hesitated, shook his head and said: “How is it you can not immediately call your number?” It became clear that I simply felt a person who had not all there. But she restrained herself and yet has explained that I had atherosclerosis of brain vessels, and therefore quite understandable lapses of memory. For more information see this site: Richard Blumenthal. Yes, I wish I did not say anything further actions courts have been directed not to protect my rights as owner, and to protect the rights of the person who purchased the state certif on my site for a bribe. In general case further continued, rather, was built on competition between me and the recipient state certificate. Court to visit the area of the dispute refused. Representatives of the district amounted to an act of state services that my family enjoys the site that there is buildings and trees.

Belarus People

Further strengthening of state and supreme power, and hence the development of slave relations, inseparable from the spread of the Christian religion. According to vp Alexeyev, the order in which power elected by the people, not like the Moscow princes. Therefore, “they gladly seized upon the doctrine of the church to her under the cover to enter the Moscow State single sovereignty Grace of God “15. A striking example of the unnatural state of life forms is the lack of evidence in history, even if not original, the continued existence of any state. State periodically arise and also invariably fall apart. His story began with the Russian state of Kievan Rus’, then the political center has moved to Muscovy, and now with the unity of “Ruska” people coexist in three states: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Formation of public relations intolerable burden fell on the shoulders of the people. According to the testimony, ii Dityatin, “creating a single state cost worst efforts of the masses. ” Maintaining it cost them almost not large: they lay a burden to their work content, as we have seen, the service class, they lay the whole burden of state taxes – all kinds of taxes and obligations; them the same – and the administrative burden of “feeding” from which the peasants’ run in the strife “16. One can not but take into account the postulate of the theory of communism that the basis for establishment of the State are the class contradictions. And in this regard, quite rightly says Engels, “tribal system grew out of society, not knowing any internal contradictions, and was adapted only to him. He had no other means of coercion except public opinion.

Middle Ages

Rights in connection with the ov , saying that "State as a political organization is peculiar desire to expand his power and unlimited, and not vice versa. The author correctly points out that "the state as a political organization is not able to acts of self-sacrifice in the form of restrictions and difficulties of its own procedural requirements and the law. It does this not because of awareness of their own depravity and inability, without legal limitation to exclude arbitrariness on its part, but because of external compulsion to do so. Such coercion has a society that is a social and material basis for a viable state "21. Fourthly, the state – is completely closed social organization, is a continuous current bureaucracy, perform public functions for the members of which is constant and predominant activity (ie, occupational, profession). In the Middle Ages a prominent British political activist T. Moore in his book "Utopia" said: "When I watched carefully and thinking about all states that thrive to this day, honestly, I have not met anything but certain conspiracy of rich, under the pretext and the name of the state think about their benefits. " Caste exclusivity and social closure of the state organization provided the right. And notice, mn , "people are often at the same time is nothing more than social background, political or ideological screen behind which lurks real state power belongs to a particular ruling stratum, class, the ruling group or social stratum. Past, regardless of whether they are called, and seems to be in practical everyday life are the true holders of state power, the real creators of domestic and foreign policy "22.

European Union

RESIDENCY in lithuania as such in a literal sense, it does not exist. This is our common people with you term (we are so convenient to understand each other ) In reality, there is such a term as a residence permit for Republic of Lithuania – temporary and permanent. It is worth noting that the Permanent residence permit in lithuania immediately You do not get (unless, of course, not a person of Lithuanian descent – the law to help you ). Therefore, if you have promised this – make your conclusions and both 'legs' And even if you get a permit for temporary accommodation – not in a hurry to relax, enjoy it all year. And two months before the end of your document you will need to gather all the documents again and submit for consideration in the migration. It is worth bear in mind that when issuing the next one-year permit to take into account your activities in Lithuania, the law-abiding, the reality of living in the Republic of Lithuania – Yes, yes There is also another section of the law mentioning the conditions under which a valid permit to stay may be withdrawn or it may be denial of the next (Law to help you under 'Useful Information') In particular, if you do not plan to reside in Lithuania or stay in its territory (or at least the territory of the European Union) more than three months of the year – think about it, it (in the sense of resolution) do you want? because under such circumstances it is likely that follow you just can not give

Russian Federation

Human intervention is effective only on condition that the entity relates to things as to their property, ie as his when he can they possess, use and control, showing initiative in their business "5. Resolve this apparent contradiction between the recognition of land common property of mankind, bestowed upon him from above, and the foundation of any business activities under this unthinkable without regard to the land as our own, possibly only in conditions of the communal-tribal organization, or ideologically cohesive population of the municipality. Under these conditions exercise tight control over the use of land for its intended purpose, and violation of the rights and interests of other people do not even supposed to, and if they do occur, then intercepted on the vine. At the present stage of regulation land tenure and focused more on property relations. At the same right in this process takes the forefront. System of sources of land law is headed by the Russian Constitution. By virtue of Part 2 of Art.

9 Constitution of the Russian land and other natural resources may be in private, state, municipal and other forms of property. Citizens and their associations have the right to have land as private property (part 1 of article. 36). Everyone has the right have property, possess, use and dispose of them, either alone or jointly with other persons (Part 2 of Art. 35). It should be emphasized that the right of citizens to have land in private ownership, as well as other constitutional rights and freedoms is directly applicable, determines, along with other rights and freedoms of the meaning, content and application of laws, the legislative and executive authorities, local self-government and ensured justice (Article 18 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation).

One of the basic guarantees of citizens' constitutional right to land is to ensure that all citizens of the Russian Federation to get land land ownership. However, ownership is not identical to the right to own land. If the first subjective right is manifested in the possibility of directly possess, use and dispose of land, the latter speaks only of the potential for acquisition of land ownership. In this regard, this right has nothing to do with a specific title. On the potential obtain land can speak and when you purchase it on other titles in addition to the property. Description of all available in the current legislation the mechanisms of such an acquisition is contained in our course of study. . 1 . 7 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which determines that the policy of the Russian Federation aimed at creating conditions for a worthy life and free development rights. Maxim References: 1. Two letters to the pa Stolypin / Tolstoy sheet. 1996. 8. 2. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels. Collected Works. 2 nd ed. T. 25. Part ii. S. 337. 3. av Guterts. Stolypin's reform and land surveyor, aa Kofod: Documents, correspondence, memoirs. M., 2003. C. 28. 4. an Koptsev. Servitudes in Roman law and contemporary Russian law / notary. 2006. 2. 5. Fundamentals of general and legal psychology: A textbook for schools / M.I Enikeev. M., 1996. Article may be freely hosted on other Internet resources only on condition of attribution and a link to the source:

Civil Procedure

Further fruitless waiting repressed considered pointless exercise. Despite the fact that, in accordance with Article 249 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, the duty of proving the legality of their actions to interested parties, the court rejected a petition to send a request to the Administration of Saratov and Government of Saratov region in order to figure out how to properly perform in the entity of the Russian Federation Federal Law for the past 10 years. It was also rejected the petition, which aimed to find out how many queues for housing exist in the Administration of Saratov and distribute thousands of apartments in the city of one million over the past 10 years. 'The audit is conducted will not', – stated the judge. The court denied his decision to meet statements, acknowledged the legitimate factual omissions of the Administration of Saratov and Saratov region Government, noting that the first person interested prevented comply with the requirements of federal law – the law of regional significance (!) and the second person concerned was uninterested in the performance of federal law because, according to the court, to guarantee execution of federal law "About rehabilitation of victims of political repression in the territory of the Saratov region should not the government of the Saratov region, and authority in the face of the structural unit of the Government – Ministry of Housing. The current situation was the theme for witty feuilleton, but 'it would all be funny if it were not so sad.