Pallet Truck

Pallet truck is widely used where necessary to quickly and easily produce a discharge or loading of goods, whether it's a small shop or large supermarket, a small warehouse or a huge warehouse complex. The main advantage of pallet trucks is in its simplicity of operation, which does not require special skills. The use of pallet trucks for loading-loading operations can significantly improve productivity and significantly simplifies the process of unloading or loading, reducing the physical load of workers. When choosing pallet trucks, you need to focus on a few factors: the conditions of production and the environment, the type of load (weight, size, packaging), the location of storage facilities (the distance between the shelves), the nature of the flooring. Depending on what floor in the warehouse indoors, you need to choose the truck with the wheels of a certain material.

The wheels are nylon, polyurethane, vulkalanovye or metal. The steering wheel can be made of nylon, polyurethane, vulkalana, metal or rubber. In rooms with hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, wood, etc., need to buy trucks with nylon, polyurethane and vulkalanovymi wheels. To move on the surface, which can be damaged (tile, linoleum surface with a polymer coating, etc.) must use polyurethane wheels or vulkalanovye, and to work in hot shops only need to use metal wheels. In Depending on the degree of flatness at which the truck is moved, it must be staffed with the appropriate number of forklift wheels.

If the surface is fairly smooth and has no such constraints as a nut, pits set into the floor rails, etc. flaws, it is possible to use single fork wheel, otherwise you must use double-wheel fork. Pallet trucks can be effectively operate in both open and in closed rooms, only a limited temperature regime. The minimum temperature at which the truck will be able to work normally – 35 C, but there is a truck, for which is the minimum temperature – 15 C.