World Politician

E many voters still thinking that the petty politics of the politics is not to the politics of the petty politics. They had killed Squid! They had killed Squid? This exactly. The word Squid was deceased, and is silenced in the mouth of many candidates the re-election in all the country. These many candidates who have few days spoke badly, criticized and motejavam the presidential government were against the Squid! Today, it is enough to leave house and to look at the appearances politicians who print cars, walls and walls for all Brazil, all want its photo next to this such of Squid. To be next to the people who had made something is to feel the pleasure of remembering, and who is remembered in an election gains vote, or, many votes better. The petty politics walks untied and in this straight line route to day 03 of October, which would be the reeligible one that it would make the madness of speaking badly of the Squid if candidatando to lose a piece of the slice of the so gigantic cake: ' ' More than 70% of approval nacional.' ' To analyze what each one of the candidates the re-election made or left to make is one of the ways for the search of the aiming of state vote national. Day 03 of October if approaches, vote is consequence, votes certain, not vote in the petty politics, votes in the sustainable growth. (Jnior Faj,)