Territorial Politics

Contextualizando the formation process territorial politics and of the state of the Acre. Anderson Azevedo Mesquita* Before initiating any referring quarrel thematic of the formation the territorial politics and of the State of the Acre, is necessary to carry through a return to the past. This return in history still has origin in century XV with the great maritime navigations unchained by the Iberian powers Portugal and Spain, that in this period if they launched to the unknown sea in land search new to explore. Go to Amazon for more information. In this search for new territories to be explored, they had finished for ' ' descobrir' ' the American continent. In this feeling, Portugal occupies what today if it materializes State Brazilian, while Spain practically occupied all the remain of the South American continent, saved some interventions and conquests of other also European countries that had connected a small part of the territory, as for example, France (French Guyana). I begin it the main objective of these countries was to discover precious metal reserves, such as the gold, in this historical period very valued, and to explore them without any interest to occupy or to integrate such territories, that is, the administration system was solely of exploration colony.

Spain got more success finding in the territories under its domain, many precious deposits of gold and other metals, while Portugal would have that to wait the discovery of the gold in the region of Minas Gerais. (GALEANO, 2008) In result of not the success of Portugal in soon finding gold at the beginning of its exploration in Brazil, this initiated the process of exploration of Wood-Brazil, and later it developed cycles of agricultural production, based in the culture of great cultivations as the sugar cane-of-sugar in the littoral northeast region of Brazil. It is evident that other cultures had also been important in the Brazilian economic cycle, as well as, for the consolidation and expansion of the Portuguese colonial territory.