International Cricket Council

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), Richie Benaud, the former Australian Captain hear South African Herschelle Gibbs’s appeal against his suspension of 2 Tests. By Camilla Mancini during last Sunday’s game, Gibbs was suspended by 2 Tests, after being found guilty of committing an offense in third grade according to the code of conduct of the ICC. Some microphones in the Centurion captured Gibbs during the first Test of the game, using an abusive vocabulary and making racist comments about Pakistani supporters who were present. Amazon is the source for more interesting facts. By the way, at the end of the match Proteas won by 7 wickets. However, on Thursday Herschelle Gibbs filed an appeal against the suspension imposed by the referee Chris Broad and as said the captain of the Proteas, Graeme Smith, Gibbs will definitely participate in the second Test of the next game against Pakistan. The 32-year-old player will remain available to be selected until the delegate of the ICC in charge of the appeal decision announced Finish. It was assumed that the trial would be held before the start of the match in the friendly city, Port Elizabeth (PE); Despite the plans, the hearing has been delayed and the exact date has not been established. In the latest statement that gave the ICC on the matter ahead of expect make the judgment between the second and third Test of party in PE. Richie Benaud, was named Commissioner of the code of conduct in Australia, has worked as emissary for several years, which has made it very popular. Currently it has accepted to preside as the delegate of the ICC at the appeal hearing of Herschelle Gibbs, who will be held via teleconference.

South American Regional

The 3rd Summit would be held in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) on January 24-28, 2008. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. The meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, conducted biannually, will formulate concrete proposals of action and executive decision. There will be the collaboration of the Chairman of the Committee of permanent representatives of Mercosur, of the Director of the Secretariat of Mercosur, of the General Secretary of the Andean Community, of the Secretary-General of ALADI and the Permanent Secretariat of the Organization of Treaty for Amazonian Cooperation and other cooperation and regional integration institutions; Sectoral ministerial meetings convened by the heads of State. They are made within Mercosur and the Andean mechanisms. Meetings and actions of infrastructure and the implementation of the agreed agenda of priority projects is carried out through the initiative of South American Regional integration (IIRSA); The troika of the UNASUR formed by the country to host the Summit and the countries offices the previous year and the following year. It will support the Pro Tempore Secretariat in their work. The Secretariat Pro Tempore shall be exercised in the annual and Rotary form by the Member countries of UNASUR between each UNASUR Summit. Countries that have pursued have been: Peru (2004), Brazil (2005) and Bolivia (2006).

Pursuant to decisions of the political dialogue signed during the first South America Energy Summit, it would create a permanent secretariat based in Quito (Ecuador). On December 9, 2005 creates strategic Commission of reflection on the process of South American integration. Composed of 12 members, its purpose is to develop proposals that will promote the South American integration process. And must deliver its recommendations at the II Summit of UNASUR (2006). Committee of senior officials (created by the II Summit of the CSN), transformed into a Council of delegates or Committee policy according to the decisions of the political dialogue. Among the most important works of integration are Wikipedia which says: the Union of South American Nations began their integration plans with the construction of the Interoceanic Highway, linking the Peru with Brazil through Bolivia, giving it an outlet to the sea, Brazil an outlet to the Pacific Ocean and Peru, an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Construction began in September 2005, financed 60% by Brazil and 40% by Peru, and it is expected that you will lead for the year 2009. Continued you to this, the South American energy ring, so that Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are catered for Peruvian gas: the Camisea Gas.

His proposal has already been ratified and will be his signature for the start of its construction in 2006. The binational gas pipeline, an energy project of integration between Colombia and Venezuela, was initiated on 8 July 2006 and will last for 24 months by the State Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. The construction cost is US$ 300 million. (See Uribe and Chavez give free rein to binational gas pipeline). Also included is the binational pipeline, which will be extended in the near future to allow Venezuela to export oil to the far East via the Pacific coast of Colombia. With French Guiana as the only exception, the rest of South America can be visited by any South American for up to 90 days with only presenting their national identity document.


The reputed Professor George Philip from the LSE, who initially saw with good eyes to Fujimori, believes that he wandered like all Latin American President seeking to perpetrate in power. The student wear out and end up throwing overboard what previously had been achieved. In Europe there are indefinite student because persons holding the positions of the head of Government or State are not the same. However, things change in less rich and stable countries and where there is a President who concentrates these two functions. Latin American rulers who imposed two or more student ended up being deposed by popular or armed uprisings (Mexico 1911, 1989 Paraguay, Peru 2000). Chavez lost for the first time a few votes in the referendum to its proposal for indefinite re-election. While the Venezuelan left comes accepting if it wants to follow in Palace you must have a new ruler, Colombian been want to force new measures to extend the period of its President. Achieve Uribe win another term, in the long run, could end in his defeat and crash.

The Lack Of Abode

The lack of dwelling Teodulo Lopez Melendez the banishment of the habits of humanistic appearance is the main logical event of our time, an event to which it is useless to seek refuge in arguments of goodwill. Peter Sloterdijk the lack of dwelling expression is Heidegger’s when letter on humanism thus defined the outstanding ontological trait of contemporary man. It is precisely in an errancy, how heideggerian, where is the man. Gianni Vattimo phoned the characteristic nihilist’s postmodern man weak thought. In the absence of a thought that speaks the truth and (strong) all has risen one who rejects the (weak) omnicomprehensive legitimations.

From there the suffering of the post-modern man would simply is not yet sufficiently nihilistic, because you have nostalgia for what was lost and is not yet accustomed to the dissolution of being, this time stamp, so that man is It ensures to live with semiverdades and without grounds. We will have to resort to a paradigm of complexity such as Edgar Morin, defined him to move to a logic contrary to immobility and make waking the man. We are involved in static concepts, man has left to conceptualise in a complex manner. The totalizing vision that exceeds human contradictions this is, the utopia – remains already hanging on the coat rack. The protest of the subjectivity in this way destotalizo, although the lack of answers causes 21st century some totalitarian scatological complete closing of the social and the conservative reaction of denial of the possibility of change in the established.

The human being is shown splinter. It is pessimistic and selfless, as if it nadase in a dystopia of an absolute solitude against himself. Protective wrappings disintegrate, as the nation-State, powerless before the unique problems that have become universal. Against this, the lack is that of a complex thought, one that we might well call disutopico, open to the emergency.

United States Markets

After a few turbulent weeks in international financial markets, in the beginning of this week you can breathe optimism and a little peace of mind. As I said in yesterday’s article and one day the markets changed humor ads in Governments to sustain their systems financial gave result and markets changed their mood. To complement the barrage of ads produced during last Monday, yesterday, USA.UU., confirmed the partial nationalization of banks consisting of the purchase of shares of such entities, what plan to allocate $250,000 million US $700,000 billion of the rescue program approved by the US Congress.The U.S., which ended dispel the fears in the market about the U.S. financial system. Calm in international markets and the brake to the meltdown of the American financial system, have undoubtedly represented a great relief to Mexico. Is that the Mexican economy, which already feel the impact of the slowdown (or rather, recession) was American economic, In addition, affected from other fronts that were threatening to generate a destabilizing effect. Until a few weeks ago ago, the American crisis felt in Mexico through reduction in U.S. demand for Mexican products and the reduction of remittances that Mexicans resident in the United States.UU., sent to the country.

But in recent weeks, the financial channel also began to feel the impact of the crisis in the U.S. financial system. The same Guillermo Ortiz, Governor of the Bank of Mexico, acknowledged in an interview the impact of the crisis on the financial channel saying: three weeks ago did not feel any contagion through financial channels, but already feel financial contagion. The turmoil in markets had resulted in a strong weakening of the Mexican currency against the US dollar, reaching quote at $14 per unit of the greenback. In this context, the Central Bank of Mexico came to sustain the trading of its currency, which had to pay a cost for not inconsiderable.