The reputed Professor George Philip from the LSE, who initially saw with good eyes to Fujimori, believes that he wandered like all Latin American President seeking to perpetrate in power. The student wear out and end up throwing overboard what previously had been achieved. In Europe there are indefinite student because persons holding the positions of the head of Government or State are not the same. However, things change in less rich and stable countries and where there is a President who concentrates these two functions. Latin American rulers who imposed two or more student ended up being deposed by popular or armed uprisings (Mexico 1911, 1989 Paraguay, Peru 2000). Chavez lost for the first time a few votes in the referendum to its proposal for indefinite re-election. While the Venezuelan left comes accepting if it wants to follow in Palace you must have a new ruler, Colombian been want to force new measures to extend the period of its President. Achieve Uribe win another term, in the long run, could end in his defeat and crash.