State National Policy

Not forgotten and controversy early 90s that Russia may repeat the fate of the Soviet Union. Here's why. Economic crisis suddenly dispelled the myth of the universality of Western economic models. As a result, sooner or later (the main thing that is not too late!) National public audit will undergo theoretical and legal models of modern Russian statehood. Especially because in this direction indicated by the signs of the impasse.

The state concept of the national policy of the Russian Federation, adopted in 1996 "for elections," Yeltsin is outdated as hopeless as adopted earlier Federal Treaty, which entered the Basic Law in Russia. There is no federal ministry of national and regional (over 8 years of existence of such a body, these concepts have changed places) relations, which would create a new version of the Concept of State National Policy, and replace it with a concept of national security is not obtained. The concept of civic identity, or "Russian nation on the American" falls apart in the North Caucasus, where there is severe ethnic conflict in violation of illegitimacy ethnic quotas in the appointment procedure for high and even very high positions. Excluding, in spite of the Constitution, a record of the nationality of the passports, and now in the child's birth certificate, we have not received a civic nation. But after the exodus of Russian and other non-titular population of Chechnya and Ingushetia, was formed one and a half Vainakh ethnic enclave. Any attempt to influence federal agencies to change their government in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Tyva, Sakha-Yakutia is surge in anti-Russian sentiment, and themselves "Russians" in Siberia and the Far East, replacing the Chinese, which can be easily integrated into total corruption that turns historical compatriots from returning to their homeland.