So Paulo Cultural

The term globalization engloba and demands that everything if adqe of form that if can take off advantage economic, and each time more the new if it makes necessary to the consumption, thus guaranteeing the compensatory maintenance of the cultural diversity, defended for pluralism with challenge to respect the different groups and cultures that compose the Brazilian and world-wide ethnic mosaic, stimulating the conviviality of the diverse groups and to make of this characteristic a factor of cultural enrichment. With it the differences are considered respecting, to become rich with them e, at the same time, to value the proper cultural and regional identity. Also to fight for a world where the respect to differences are to the base of a world vision each richer time for all. The wakening of the cultures bringing in its luggage curious a fantastic one that make possible the sensation of never finished, awakes in the marketing capitalism, an interest never before seen by these manifestations, either hour of the Amaznia to speak, and not more said being, and perhaps to extend through the globalization the existing multicultural wealth in it before the label globalization to all and entirely continues dictating the rhythm of some social pursuings in the attempt to use of ‘ ‘ innocence cultural’ ‘ as well as the Europeans they had made it with the inhabitants of the Amaznia in Brazil colony.