Ford Focus

But if you believe the words of a very thorough Englishman, the streets of one of the southern cities of England demonstrate the ride of a powerful hatchback. Apparently this is one of the last test samples. However, vohmozhno is just another tuning package for the Ford Focus. Test-drive Ford Focus ST 2008 One of the features of the modern car market is its regionality. Despite the general globalization is still a lot of models, which are sold only on the individual continents. Or conversely, some countries are not available. This is especially significant for Ford Motor Company, because the model for Serer-American market is much different from European.

And the Ford Focus here is no exception. So for the experts from the online edition test-drive a new Ford Focus ST has the same unusual effect, as for us to ride on their familiar Ford Mustang. 2009 Ford Focus RS at the Paris Motor Show recently opened its doors to international motor show in Paris gave a lot of new products of the automobile world. But among the exhibited items were already familiar models. Certainly, one of the most interesting booth was the Ford Exposition Ford Focus RS.

As expected, the hot hatchback has been spotted in the company’s green. This shade can be considered a modern version of Green, under whom were Ford cars in Le Mans in the 70s of the 20th century. Tuning package for Mountune Performance Ford Focus ST Mountune Performance Company presented its collection to enhance the capacity of Ford Focus ST. It includes an intercooler and air filter ProAlloy high capacity K & N. Installing this package increases engine output to 260 horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute. Torque vozrostaet to 400 Nm. The increased power affects the dynamics of the car. Ford Focus ST Service Mountune Performance 0.6 sekudny faster its standard counterpart in the sprint to 100 km / h. A little tuning will not affect the zvodoskoy guarantee. The cost of the entire set of Mountune Performance is $ 2,300.