Republican Senator

" Of course, we do not let us now delve deeply into that, what is the active representative of the American party, day and night is watching that, so God forbid someone (!) in the United States has publicly uttered the word 'genocide', referring to Turkey today needed to expose myself for the most impartial and consistent supporter of the Armenian people. Simply, it is clear that the theme itself in the United States does not cease to be the subject of political speculation. But in this case, the second part application of ultra-radical McCain, in our opinion, said that his sudden appearance should be considered only in light of the changes that are rapidly evolving in the region. It is a broad regional approach to the position of Republican Senator may explain his appearance in the political vocabulary of a couple of 'pro-Armenian expressions'. And it is possible that McCain imbued with consciousness, and gave way to the imperative of 'Genocide – a! " only background is extremely controversial and threatening (the U.S.) the geopolitical crossroads of Turkey, Israel, Turkey, Russia and Turkey-Iran … But in Armenia, Artsakh and abroad for the Armenian communities it was a true revelation. But at the same time reason for the excitation of various disturbances and worries. It seems to be happy and should be – it is anyway, one of the most ardent (formerly) of adherents to strengthen the role of Turkey in the Caucasus (with simultaneous displacement of Russia here) went on the 'Armenian side '.