Meaning in Life

Have you ever felt, empty, meaningless of life and by the same depression and crisis?. Meet here because. The sense of life: Behavior professionals have now found that there is a sense of internal human emptiness and this is due to both men and women have not found their own identity, not know that they want to, they don’t know that they feel, they don’t know they need, do not know who they are, they don’t know where they go andi.e. they have not found a sense of life. There is a directly proportional relationship: less sense of life disorders more emotional.

Nitche already said: who has a to make live always finds an as. . If! The meaning of life, is a highly motivating force and has to do with: A sense of improvement for this world, mystical and religious beliefs, related to a cause or ecological goal and/or higher. The basic decisions of life: this sense of life unfolds and is linked to two great pillars of human life. They are: (I) the relational decision. (II) vocational I Decision relational decision: as surprising as it may seem it not all humans have the same relational vocation, i.e. not all have the inclination of we got married, have children and live happily ever.

As they have us believe. There are several relational vocations: A) marriage vocation B) C) vocation to family II vocational Decision bachelorhood vocation: this decision has to do with a you’re going to spend in your life, which is or will be your profession, which you’re going to earn a living. Traditionally we have been educated to study or devote ourselves to something that let us money, although this occupation does not like us or report us any pleasure, even we don’t have talent to develop, this is really pathetic, yes we have in mind that most of our life we had to play this activity, given that the labour time is 8 to 10 hours a dayconservatively; this mean most of our life time, if we take into account that we slept an average of 8 hours and work as we saw for 8 to 10 hours daily because they are 18 hours, the day has 24 hours we still have 6 hours we spend on downtimes such as transport, power, daily obligations and some entertainment; so I say that the majority of our time is spent in our profession or gainful employment. It is therefore vital that our occupational decision be source of personal satisfaction in our lives to build a healthy identity which is intimately related to our professional activity and the good results of this. To have a good mental and emotional health is essential to have a clear personal identity, to do this we need to know exactly what our relational vocation Yes were born to get married and have children or not since there are other ways to relate very valid and also we can provide satisfaction, on the other hand, find our true occupational vocation, which really us satisfaction personal and real pleasure to play it.