Light Democracy

Quickly power sets out that thats not democracy, is a crisis of democracy and must be overcome by all means, extinguishing what appropriate. All these reviews are from liberal sources, of the progressive wing of the ideological range that holds the power, not to say corporations, but the principles are definitely the same. The past 35 years have been one of those stages that arrive from time to time, as important crusade directed to try to overcome what is seen as the great crisis of democracy and to submit to the citizen to its role as indifferent, passive and submissive spectator. This is our policy. The working class in our country was opposed to the return of the conservative principles created by the liberalism in the industrial system, and claimed that those who worked in the factories should own them, evoking the spirit of representative democracy. They denounced what they called the new spirit of the age: prosper is and set aside less to oneself, a negligible vision of human life that should be instilled in the thinking of the people without spare energy, what in fact has happened for years. Our life It is conditioned much more of what we believe by a total acceptance of concepts that seem true and logical. Man, not amount regardless of his condition, occupation or task, is naturally a philosopher and can not be though it proposes it.

What happens is that his philosophy, that of the generality of men, is what others thought by him and is constituted by the Repertoire more or less broad ideas and valoraciones on which it counts and from which live, without repairing them without preocupares by knowing where you are or what they mean. So opinions, criteria and consensus, are formed to create a man Light, indifferent to social issues, undermined by the enthroned desire of being a compulsive consumer, and to fundamentally globalize us better. The appropriate formula that gives the solution to the problem is, therefore the following: is necessary the interest coincides with the duty to make particular interests and the general interest to be safeguarded and to prevent the bankruptcy of the social dynamism, zahiera to the all economic doctrines essential fact: the man.