Gulf Cooperation Council

Ali Abdala Saleh says that he will abide by the provisions in the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This same plan has been rejected by him on three occasions. Since his return, dozens of people have died in fighting between opposition and Government forces. The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, said on Sunday that it remains committed to a peaceful transfer of power and elections, points collected on the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saleh gave his first televised speech to the nation once on Friday returned from Saudi Arabia, where he remained convalescing from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt. During his speech, he stressed his interest in which is applied the initiative of the GCC, while it has previously rejected it three times.

The proposed plan stipulates the handover of authority to the Vice President, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, within a period of one month from your signature and the holding of presidential elections. Saleh was in agreement to extend this last appearance and asked to include the election legislative and local if the parties reach agreement. More bouts since his return once last week intensified violent clashes between the forces of the regime and the opposition causing the death of more than one hundred people, yemeni President urged the other party to achieve power through the ballot box. We are against coups, he said. In addition, Saleh felt that the country was going through a very dangerous time and described as attacks by the opposing forces of terrorist acts carried out by elements that do not feel no responsibility. Yemeni President asked young people to stay away from armed groups that push them to the land of war. Finally appreciated the help of Saudi Arabia and United States in the fight against Al-Qaeda and accused who have come out of the constitutional legitimacy of providing information to this terrorist organization. Source of the news: the President of Yemen is committed to transferring powers and hold elections