PSE Votes

He has won 953 councilmen, followed by the PNV, which has managed to 872. It is placed as the first force in San Sebastian: 8 Councillors. Follow others, such as Amazon, and add to your knowledge base. He has also managed a loose victory in the town of Gernika (Vizcaya) to achieve 62,76% of the votes and 12 Councillors. The Coalition abertzale Bildu has become this Sunday, once scrutinized 100% of the votes, in the first force of the Basque country in number of Councillors, to obtain 953 councilmen, followed by the PNV, which has managed to 872. The Party of Inigo Urkullu has achieved more votes, 325.968 (30,05%), while Bildu is the second largest number of votes in the Basque Autonomous Community, with 276.134 (25.45%). Bildu, Oskar Matute, leader has assured Sunday that the polls are endorsing the bet of his coalition, and has announced that today begins changing social, political and institutional left and sovereign. Matute has made this claim on the pediment ATAN III of San Sebastian, where the members of Bildu (independent abertzales, EA and) Alternatiba) follow the results of election night. Guipuzcoa Bildu has also won the municipal elections and achieved 8 councilors in San Sebastian, capital which has ruled in the past 20 years the PSE/EE of Odon Elorza, who stays as a second force, with 7 councilmen.

In Gipuzkoa, with 100 percent of the vote counted, Bildu is the most voted option with 34.65% of votes and 22 junteros, followed by the PNV, 23.52% of the votes that give 14 junteros. In Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), with 100% counted, Bildu obtains most to achieve 8 Councillors, relegating the PSE/EE to the second place with 7 councilmen, followed by the PNV with 3, PP with 2 and EB 1. Victory in Alava Bildu has become the second force with more Councillors of Alava, behind the PNV and ahead of the PP and the PSE-EE.

Luiz Alvaro Ribeiro

The Brazilian striker is tied to the club until 2015. Real Madrid aims to football player for next season. He indicates that he is happy playing in Brazil and being with his family. Striker Neymar, regarded as one of the biggest revelations of Brazilian football in recent years and sought by clubs such as Real Madrid, ensures that he is happy at the club Santos and Brazil and that he would only accept to go to any team that provide more happiness. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, but I am happy in the Saints and I’m happy in Brazil, playing next to my family, said the attacker’s 19 years in an interview published today by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo and to be questioned about the interest of several clubs in signing him.

Just a proposal that make me most happy to me I’m out of here, added the player, the biggest attraction of the Santos team that today at home played the final of the Copa Libertadores with Uruguayan Penarol. The President of Santos, Luiz Alvaro Ribeiro, admitted this week that received proposals from several European clubs by Neymar, including one from Real Madrid, but clarified that, in addition to pay 45 million euros from termination penalty, the interested party will have difficulty in convincing the player go. The salary of Neymar is already one of the largest in Brazilian and football comparable to that paid by major European clubs. The Player ensures that neither the visibility that can be achieved in a European club in moments in which Brazil rides the selection that aspires to compete in the 2012 Olympics and the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 will weigh on his decision to leave the Saints. I have contract with Santos (until August 2015) and I intend to fulfill it. I want to stay. It won’t be a tournament that makes me stay or go, said the striker in his interview to the daily paulista.

Neymar made it clear that, despite the recommendations it receives from his various advisers and representatives, including his father and the former footballer Ronaldo, always has the final say in decisions about his career. Who gives the last Word in everything I am, I am the player and which has to be happy in the working environment. My father does everything for me, negotiate, talk but who gives the last word always I am, he said. The player is not repentant of having rejected the year passed the proposed millionaire who made him Chelsea and added that the possibility to dispute the Libertadores, which was one of his dreams, confirmed you that he took the right decision. It was a very difficult moment when I had to decide and reject a proposal for Chelsea, who was a millionaire. And tome, certainly the right decision. Until today I do not regret nor a little. And the final of the Libertadores confirmed me that I was correct, he said. In terms of the America’s Cup, that will be disputed as one of the stars of the Brazilian selection, ensures that he will address this responsibility with much tranquillity. I want to do what I do in the Santos in the selection and help my country. I hope to be champion in my first lathe with the Brazilian national team, He assured. Source of the news: Neymar: “I have contract with Santos and I intend to fulfill it”

Gulf Cooperation Council

Ali Abdala Saleh says that he will abide by the provisions in the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This same plan has been rejected by him on three occasions. Since his return, dozens of people have died in fighting between opposition and Government forces. The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, said on Sunday that it remains committed to a peaceful transfer of power and elections, points collected on the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saleh gave his first televised speech to the nation once on Friday returned from Saudi Arabia, where he remained convalescing from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt. During his speech, he stressed his interest in which is applied the initiative of the GCC, while it has previously rejected it three times.

The proposed plan stipulates the handover of authority to the Vice President, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, within a period of one month from your signature and the holding of presidential elections. Saleh was in agreement to extend this last appearance and asked to include the election legislative and local if the parties reach agreement. More bouts since his return once last week intensified violent clashes between the forces of the regime and the opposition causing the death of more than one hundred people, yemeni President urged the other party to achieve power through the ballot box. We are against coups, he said. In addition, Saleh felt that the country was going through a very dangerous time and described as attacks by the opposing forces of terrorist acts carried out by elements that do not feel no responsibility. Yemeni President asked young people to stay away from armed groups that push them to the land of war. Finally appreciated the help of Saudi Arabia and United States in the fight against Al-Qaeda and accused who have come out of the constitutional legitimacy of providing information to this terrorist organization. Source of the news: the President of Yemen is committed to transferring powers and hold elections

Congress Plan

It went forward in the House of representatives. Approved it by 269 votes in favor and 161 against. The proposal must be ratified by the Senate. The House of representatives on Tuesday approved the bipartisan agreement that will raise debt ceiling before the limit on August 2 in order to avoid the suspension of payments of EE UU. The proposal, which must still be ratified by the Senate, includes a plan of the EE UU of at least 2.1 trillion deficit reduction over the next decade, exclusively through cuts in public spending and was approved by 269 votes against 161 votes against. Despite the majority approval, since it needed a simple majority of 216 votes in favor, the vote reflected the division within the Democratic Party, where there was a tie at 95 votes. Some Congressional Democrats showed their opposition throughout the day to the plan because it did not include a tax increase for the most high incomes, as it had been raised at first.

By party Republican, however, the plan was supported by the vast majority of their representatives, despite the reticence shown initially by the more conservative wing of the party, the Tea Party. A joint plan the bipartisan Pact, announced last night by the American President, Barack Obama, was designed by the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, and the leader of the Republican minority in this Chamber, Mitch McConnell. Reid said that the Senate will vote Tuesday the plan of lifting of the debt, currently of 14,29 trillion ceiling. The vote of the House of representatives was considered the most complicated obstacle for this measure come out ahead, so it opens the way for final approval and is cleared, for the moment, the shadow of the suspension of payments in EE UU. Minutes before the vote, the White House issued a statement that asserted that President Obama would ratify it if arose after passing through Congress. Source of the news: The plan to avoid the suspension of payments in EE UU overcomes his greatest obstacle

Minister Celestino Corbacho

There were small clashes when a few outraged trying to approaching the door to block the access of parliamentarians and agents prevented it. Firing into the air were heard. At this entrance of Ciutadella – as we can see in the live broadcast by Internet the outraged outside, screaming out and ragging the clothing of politicians, mainly their neckties and heels. Also heard chants of No there are bread for both sausage, not us move and rough politicians. Abucheados members one of the first members to enter has been the Socialist former Minister Celestino Corbacho, who has received a hissing sound as accessed on foot to the enclosure. Even Joan Boada launched a pot of red paint at the head.

The former Minister of Justice and member of the PSC Montserrat Tura has also been sprayed with paint in the back of her dress. For its part, the former Minister and Socialist Member Marina Geli and the Deputy of the PSC Esteve Pujol have been intercepted, surrounded and reprimanded before reaching the cord by more than one hundred indignant, by what you have had to retreat on its steps up to the Arc de Triomphe, distant more than 300 metres from the Parc de la Ciutadella. Once at this point they have risen in a vehicle of the Guardia Urbana to enter in the Parlament aboard the riot police vans. In total, approximately thirty members had to enter Parliament in police vans. Very sad to have to come to the Parliament in a van of Mossos, he regretted the former Counselor of Catalan health, Marina Geli, on his Twitter. Surreal, said citizens Albert Rivera, who explained how it had been brought to a police station in which the operative entry was organized with vans to the enclosure.

Outside, another tense moment occurred when several Mossos have had to pull out from among the crowd to a group of secret agents who had been discovered and were being surrounded. The outraged, that have reported that they have requisitioned them mobile phones, ensuring that they were trying to avoid the adoption of budgets that consider unfair. Some residents of the surrounding buildings have joined the protest with an en from the terraces and Windows of the houses. When have the demonstrators been aware of the full Parliament had begun, have initiated a campaign of courtship to the policemen, to those calling loudly to join the protests. Delay and nervousness started plenary discussion of budgets within the Parlament with some minute delay schedule, 10 o’clock, with only half of the busy House and powered by the difficulties that everyone has had to access the camera. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Government, has declined, the situation that we are living in the Catalan Parliament, any type of demonstration violent preventing the exercise of rights. Has tinged that previous statements in which ensured no concern about the drift of the 15-m movement Congressional President, Jose Bono, has said that the police has to exert the force against those who impede entry to the catalan Parliament or missing the respect for others, and has emphasized that the only rule in a rule of law is the law and the outraged have to comply with it. For its part the Minister Ramon Jauregui pointed to the outraged that there are certain red lines that cannot be crossed. She has said yes to democratic improvements but not coerce the democratically elected representatives of the people. Source of the news: helicopters and vans to enter the Palament and prevent graffiti, pushing and insults