Guangdong Province

Violent floods have occurred in the U.S. and China Floods June 2008 U.S. states east of the Mississippi Delta, in its consequences have surpassed the flood of 1993, which is still considered the worst natural disaster of this kind. The authorities have taken all that was in their power to mitigate the effects of intense rainfall and river flooding. However, the population still continues to leave their homes, throwing part of the acquired property and move to relatives in safer areas of the country. In Iowa, floods killed three people, another 12 people were killed by a tornado this week. Declared a disaster area 83 of the 99 districts in the state. President George W.

Bush, the final European tour, was informed of the consequences of floods in the U.S The head of the White House assured that federal agencies have developed a detailed plan for providing comprehensive assistance to victims of disaster to people. No less than catastrophic floods observed in China. South China's Guangdong province threatens large-scale flooding due to incessant rains, which run from June 7. The Government of Guangdong Province issued an urgent order for carrying out control measures in the provincial towns and to prepare for mass evacuation from the area of possible flooding. Total May-June flood in China suffered 38.5 million people in 20 provinces country. Direct economic losses from the disaster, according to preliminary data, amounted to 3,3 billion dollars. Radiation may be useful for health? Everyone knows that penetrates the human body radiation is dangerous – in high doses it leads to instant death, and prolonged irradiation provokes the development of cancerous tumors.