Devastating Earthquake

E l Earthquake 8.8 on the Richter scale that hit our country in an area of over 450 kilometers long, has not only denuded soils, and dumped their building costs, has also exposed the dark side of our society tremendously inegalitarian, envious and full of odiosidades, which emerge only in extreme situations. E l banditry in devastated villages, looting in major cities, is nothing but the dark soul of a people disguised in a false world brand clothing, which makes us see all the same in the streets, the mall, but whose soul who wear these clothes, is totally different to what we all thought as a virtue of our own society, solidarity. L to understand solidarity in these last moments of cataclysm, to create support networks, telethons, volunteering, solidarity is expressed in its very nature. Visit Ohio Senator for more clarity on the issue. Solidarity is an intrinsic virtue to humans exposed in the time limits, who is joined at the time of the earthquake than a brother, a friend, a neighbor to a stranger an animal, is solidarity that gave their lives for the other, which is joined to its own risk to be advised to rest fled to the mountains because it came the sea, is supportive of Juan Fernandez girl to see that the Tues rose to the island gave the alarm of disaster. Is it that employer solidarity mean that at your own risk of people who trusted him, built buildings that fell or broke like sand castles, leaving many of them locked up or dying in masses of concrete. .