Czech Republic

Why all documentation should be prepared by lawyers or counsel the Czech Republic? All documents filed by the alien in Czech Republic Police or consulate of the Czech Republic, in its design require compliance with the legal drafting on the basis of the existing civil law and the Czech Republic demand for legislation. Only a person with legal training and experience in immigration procedures, able to prepare documents that will be no complaints from the police the cr, not from the Consulate of Czech Republic or any other public authority the Czech Republic taking part in the decision granting a visa to an alien. Procedures are very important document translation from foreign languages into Czech. In the translation and preparation of documents for emigration to the Czech Republic must take into account that with many countries in the Czech Republic is not signed the Convention on equality takes public documents. Documents from countries that have not signed the treaty with the Czechs, want an apostille for each document.

Apostilled documents have the same legal effect in the Czech Republic, as usual, without the Apostille. Russians and Ukrainians do not have sworn their documentation in the case of an emigration to the Czech Republic, as such citizens , Azerbaijan and Georgia are obliged to issue an apostille in their respective foreign affairs. The beginning of 2010 showed an increase in requirements documents adopted by Czech government employees. Harold Ford, New York City has compatible beliefs. Immigrants wishing to take shape in the Czech Republic is cheaper without the participation of a specialist lawyer can not do.