Warm Shoes

You can go to hike in sneakers, but such high demands on footwear are presented not in vain. First of all, it should be noted that in addition to your body weight on the shoes will be more pressure and weight of your backpack, but it's more 10-15-20 kg. You'll rarely walk on prepared trails that require good protection leg (high "boards" to protect them from sprains), good tread soles (to prevent slippage) and conformal coating (to avoid getting wet feet). This does not mean you can not go the route of conventional running shoes (which is very often the case), but the shoe is desirable to pay more attention. In addition, during the warm season is not advisable to walk in sandals with open toes (feet during the walk and sweat begin to slide, can get small pebbles), gym shoes with thin soles (fast heat) and slippers.

Hiking boots should be 1-1,5 size greater than that had the opportunity to put it on thick socks (in the warm season – cotton, in the cold – wool, or other warm material). This will help prevent the appearance of blisters and abrasions. You also need to take a change shoes for walk in the evenings to a halt. It could be flip-flops and sandals, as long as they are not too heavy and did not occupy much space in your backpack. Clothes for a hike in hiking backpacking does not have to take a lot of clothes. If the campaign for up to 4 days, then generally need a minimum of clothing.