The President Has the Power to Publish the Bill

If the cameras go into recess during those terms, then the President has the duty to publish the bill approved or objected to within those limits. ARTICLE 167. The bill in full or in part by the Government back to the cameras to second debate. The President could not objecting sanction the project, review, is approved by an absolute majority of the members of both camera. Except for cases in which the bill is challenged as unconstitutional. In such event, if the cameras insist, the project will be to the Constitutional Court that she, within six (6) days, decide on its constitutionality.

The Court’s decision requires the President to enact the law. If declared unconstitutional, the project will be archived. If the Court finds that the project partially unconstitutional, so the camera will indicate which arose to hearing the Minister of the Department, redo and integrate the provisions concerned in terms consistent with the opinion of the Court. Once this procedure, referred to the Court the project for final decision. The President of the Republic can not object on grounds of expediency a bill, where such reasons have not been expressed by some of the cabinet ministers, during the legislative process in question, except where the grounds of inconvenience is submitted after to that process. (Amended by Decree 99 of 2003) Article 168. If the President does not fulfill the duty to punish the laws in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Constitution, and promulgate the President of Congress.