The Democratization

The school will be able to less contribute for the democratization of the society, being a place for this exercise of citizenship compromised to the interests of those favored social groups. It is of basic importance the democratic management in the school. The way them educators to organize the lessons in groups, no school must forget the organization them interpersonal relations and the convivncia. The school has diverse social functions, one of them would be the proper socialization of the individual, acquiring knowledge to guarantee one better survival. Another function is to improve social inaqualities cultural giving to conditions of defense to the pupils in the area social politics and.

We can still cite the school as ccomplishing: of social assistance; of socializadora of knowledge; of padronizadora of attitudes; habits and values; of training for the work market. The school is the rendering greater of social service. Main intention to educate is to bring for the integrant ones of the current society where we live conditions more you prosper and more positive, molding collective and proportionate character Reals values for valuation human being. 3 CURRENT POLITICOS-FILOSFICOS 3.1 EDUCATION AS REDENTORA OF THE SOCIETY The redentora trend emphasizes the importance of the all social one, the composition of the society is made in such a way by the operating individuals how much for that they are its edge. Being thus this trend it understands the education as formadora of the personality and development of indispensable the ethical values for the social convivncia. It is certain to say that the instruction it always finishes enriching the construction of the personality and that the formation demand, inevitably, the assimilation to know cultural, moral and ethical (PUIG, JOSEP 2000). The education imposes of independent form its intervention in the decisions of the all social one. The redentora trend search to redeem the society of its mazelas.