The Brazilian People

If it wants the State obeys the laws for he himself had been stipulated, as &#039 was had true; ' it makes what I say, but not what I fao' '. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. He is all making a mistake! We have a very pertinent music and that it reflects this situation perfectly; ' ' nobody respects the Constitution, but all believe the future of the nation. That country is this? ' ' , she is hilariante to perceive that the more old this music if becomes, more contemporary is! The Brazilian People, to be citizen, must before everything learning to coexist and to respect the differences, is they between social, sexual classrooms, or any another one that is. Citizen is that one that participates effectively of the life of the State, acting, helping to preserve, to extend and restricting even though right. They remember ' ' caput' ' of the article 5 of the Constitution? ' ' All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property … ' '. This part of the article also will be written promise which has not been kept? Therefore we affirm that nor everything that the Member of the house of representatives alleged in its declaration, can be disrespected.

In this way, opposite of only to weave critical what it was said, we must develop our country with laws that are obeyed and fulfilled. we say more, the ones that if had felt wounded by the declarations atrociously, they make to be valid the right to the vote, thinking better when choosing its representatives, do not make only difference at the moment of the vote, but in all interregno. But to speak it does not advance, they make to happen, they are disclosed, if necessary it will be, they are congregated and they go to the streets to protest. They never leave to remember that freedom is not confused with libertinism!