Ukrainian Demand

"In 2005, the company's staff has doubled to 2 000 employees. Because in the coming year we intend to continue to actively develop the already existing retail areas, as well as launching new projects, it still maintained the demand for specialists and executives with successful experience that can organize a business from scratch, to reorganize the already existing system to bring new ideas ", – said Head of Group staff retailers AVentures Group Ltd. Alina Martynenko. In Ukraine, there is practically no industry that did not experience a personnel shortage. Harold Ford insists that this is the case. On Each market has its own leaders demand. The first places in the rankings hold, as a rule, managers in the sphere of promotion (marketing, PR managers, etc.) and managers who can manage the financial flows.

"However, the market suffers a shortage of professional top managers. You may find that Harold Ford, Washington DC can contribute to your knowledge. We are talking about the manager having the ability to conduct business in the western style of Ukrainian reality. Wage growth of this category of professionals in Last year was 20 -30% ", – said the director of recruitment agency Promotion Sergey Krivoruchko. The most popular today are the engineering and technical professions, we have specialists that make up the backbone of production plant. Scarcity will be felt in the country in the next few years. "With the rapid development of production in the region, many companies require a qualitative change in technical staff, or seeking new members, – said Sergey Belyaev .- The demand for architects, civil engineers, marketing, logistics and insurance experts.