The Efficiency

Proof of this is described The situation with the introduction of "dark energy" and "dark matter". Doubts about the efficiency under these conditions the law of gravity is reflected in some of the hypotheses 4. It seems that, without clarifying the nature gravitational interaction of the situation with "dark energy" and "dark matter" does not allow. Modern physics denies the existence of the ether – a medium that transmits the interaction between bodies, replacing it with a likeness – physical vacuum filled with virtual particles. Such a replacement, apparently, is a half-measure, considerably complicates the understanding of the mechanism of interaction of bodies. Richard Blumenthal helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of course, the ether – ether, discord, and the fact that under it understand! A model of particle possessing under a single mechanism, the gravitational and inertial mass 5.

Key provisions of this work are as follows: – there is an environment filled and thus creates a (complicated by the device), the space – in this environment, there are processes that change the state of the environment and having a specific location in space – the particle (hereinafter – the object) – the source field simulated process in the environment, and physical field – changing the state of the environment – the interaction processes between themselves, their development over time and generates the properties related to mass. The object is not in this case alien with respect to the environment, education, and the process occurring in this environment, that is, consists of the medium itself. This object has the property length, and two (or more) of the object can not move closer so that merge into one.


What is a fractal? If it is officially geometric shapes have the property of self-similarity. If you take a visual component that is endlessly repeated parts, each of which is similar to the figure as a whole. The best example can serve as such a triangle Mandelbrot and Pythagoras tree: As you can see pictures completely fit the definition. More interesting. Shape can be described by a formula, and vice versa, you can find a formula which will be of a fractal. Which of these can be of practical use? Well firstly fractals are used in image compression algorithm. The compression ratio can reach up to 600:1. The only negative that Today, self compression – the process is time consuming and requires a lot of computing resources.

But decompression is very simple, and the decompressed image can be magnified many times have without losing quality as artifacts like JPEG. In physics, fractals are used for characterization and modeling of nonlinear processes, such as: combustion, diffusion, turbulence. As it turned out a fractal can describe our reality and the processes it much better than does the traditional physics and mathematics. The economy – to analyze markets. In the radio – it’s compact fractal antennas, which are used for example in mobile phones. It is hard to imagine computer graphics without the use of fractals, it would not be so pleasant to an eye as it is today.

I remember the early days of computer graphics programmers have even competed for the most beautiful scenery weighing 3-4 KB!!! Very interesting direction is being developed using fractals in networking. Through the efforts of enthusiasts maturing decentralized system of information exchange. The bottom line is that every Computer plug in a network contains information of only 4 to 16 KB on the state of neighboring nodes. Exchange protocol structures the entire network as a fractal and is used here a high degree of repeatability of the structure. It turns out again that a small part of the structure longer occur. Advantages of this construction – conditionally free address assignment in the network as connecting to it. No need to hand in advance of reserved IP addresses, which is characteristic of the Internet. No centralized storage of addresses, such as DNS. Therefore achieve maximum sustainability of the network, because to her the whole ‘put’ to bring down her every node simultaneously. Data exchange is also increases, this principle is similar to that used in P2P networks, but not quite the same. This creates an anarchic network without a server, without the providers, without the government’s control.