PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico

A fundamental principle in the companies is the rationalization of resources, today no company can give the luxury of squandering money and much less when confronted with a situation like the present. Companies that react faster are those that have more opportunities to stay afloat and survive. When we live in times of abundance, the rationalization of resources and the identifications of points of optimization are not the priority. On the contrary, when we face in time of lean, the optimization of resources becomes an obligation and almost by a factor of subsistence. Does then the question to place is where making reductions without impacting the company’s results? A good choice would be to eliminate the excesses, but how to know which is the optimal level of resources? To answer this question we would need to anticipate the future, then it is logical to think at this point components such as forecasting and demand planning become more important. We diferenciemos then what is the forecast and demand planning. According to Guillermo Utrilla Sandoval, Senior Manager in charge of the Supply Chain practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico. While the forecast is the result of an estimate whose origin will often be a mathematical projection with some adjustments, a demand plan is the result of adding the result of the forecast adjustments arising from market intelligence coming from different areas and actors (usually commercial), in other words the demand Planner ensures that be included in the forecast available knowledge about the trends and events that could impact the past and the future of demand.

Do so in times of crisis advantages the fact implement a process of forecast and planning of demand in the company? A successful outcome and an adequate planning of demand enable companies to buy and produce, control total costs in the chain of supply through the rationalization of the quantities also contributes to perform better planning of distribution to achieve the greatest efficiency of the inventory helping to raise the level of service. If these benefits are evident in times of what would be called cows fat in lean times they spend being a desire to a need of vital character. However keep in mind is that the prognosis if only it isn’t the key to success then no good having the forecast more accurate if this is not communicated in a timely manner to the operational areas for decision-making about how they plan to use the resources available. Then the speed with which generated forecasts and the process of communication in the enterprise will be major actors in the achievement of the objectives established. One of the main recommendations that topics of optimization experts make in times of crisis is the rationalization of the portfolio of products and services. Without having a good information of demand for products and reliable projections, it is difficult to be able to take a decision thereon. By that charge lot important objective to establish a seriously structured demand planning process allowing to optimize investment in resources according to market demand projections.

To Cross Europe

Towards three years that we planned the trip. My fianc2ee, Maril, work in a hotel very recognized of five stars in Buenos Aires. It was a year possible waiter, but, after much effort she had the luck of being able to enter fixed the administrative area. Its pay did not improve so much, but the sufficient thing to begin to make reality our dream travel and cross Europe. We knew that we were going to stay itself in cheap hotels of Madrid to begin the route. As for me, when we began to plan the trip, the things did not come well economically. Amazon recognizes the significance of this.

Our idea was to know France, Germany, Italy, England and, by all means, Spain. The idea was to make economic the trip possible. We knew, by contacts of Maril, that we would find many cheap hotels in Madrid, and that in England, although he was more expensive we would secure discount. As it said to them, my economic situation was complicated. In that one year it had three works, and between all it did not join nor to maintain my own expenses of food and passages.

He was substitute professor in a secondary school, editor for a page of Internet where it acquired an absurd pay and, in addition, sold publicities for a commerce guide. The truth is that the cheap hotels of Madrid seemed to me a dream more than a concrete reality. But how to say fianc2ee to him who was no form which we know Europe. The months happened and my economic situation did not improve. Meanwhile, Maril continued planning the trip, called to cheap hotels of Madrid and asked if they would take place within two years. I thought that if in a year did not accommodate my labor situation, never she could fulfill his dream of the trip. In any case, we would have to replace cheap hotels of Madrid, for a summer in the inflatable sink. Luckily, the past year they called to me of an important newspaper and they offered to me to write up notes for the area of cultural critic. I could not believe it. In addition, in the school it had managed to take hold more positions and the pay already changed to me considerably. My fianc2ee, that seemed that it had read the future, to pains and it smiled when I told the new features him. I suppose that somehow always it knew that together trip and our future, already were neat. We are to one hours to go to take the airplane. We soon go first a France and to Spain, where we will stay ourselves in one of the cheap hotels of Madrid. Soon they will have photos and new features of the trip.