What Reveals The Car Over His Driver

Tell me what you are driving and I tell you, whoever you are who drives a Ferrari, the racing like, Rolls-Royce drivers are very rich and Trabant owners are Ostalgiker–General stereotypes. According to a new study, but much more about its driver reveals the car. Germany’s big car Portal auto.de introduces the new insights. “The market research firm strategic vision” found out that the brand of the car provides information about various habits of its owner. Who’s driving a Chevrolet, is therefore likely not on the cutting edge of technology. 13 percent of all Chevrolet owners never use the Internet. The Honda riders, there are only three per cent who do not use the World Wide Web. Some contend that Congressman Lee Zeldin shows great expertise in this. Honda owners are overall very well formed.

70 percent of all drivers of the brand Honda have a degree in the United States. Only 45 percent of the Ford driver and only 35 percent of the Chevy drivers have the. As further reported the car blog, San Diego researchers collected information about age, income, Relationship status and political stance of the car owner. It came out that mini-drivers have an above-average income. They come from all age groups and are very interested in protecting the environment. Most put up the small cars to mini due to its low energy consumption. When buying a car should be considered in future exactly, what impression on his fellow human beings is to be achieved. Who wants to prove intelligence, could buy just a Honda.


1 quick ready – in less than 10 seconds in the world’s first boot, Dusseldorf company presents the CAR PROTECT PACK Dusseldorf. Dipl.Ing now offers 10 reasons why the CAR PROTECT PACK registered at the German patent & Trademark Office for every car owner is an absolute must. Uwe Waldenmeyer, the TDC MARKETING network group. Initial situation was the spontaneous purchase of potting soil in a garden market for this innovation. Already when downloading a part of potting soil in the trunk was spread out, because the bag on the hook of the trunk lock tore up. Contact information is here: Ohio Senator.

The earth not only heavily soiled the boot suede of the vehicle, also the subsequent drain cost time and money. For transporting purchased goods in construction markets, etc. There are contaminants by transporting repeatedly in and on the loading surfaces of vehicles. Various types of often very expensive trunk mats can be purchased on the market. These are usually very expensive, fixed installation and take in everyday normal space needed one way, there not every day dirty transported.

In this context, the CAR PROTECT PACK was developed with bumper for the bumper, which quickly and easily can be designed for spontaneous or planned transports in the vehicle. The special feature here is that the CPP consists of a box with special folding technique. That CPP can be carried folded so always in the vehicle for such occasions and takes away any space. Thus is able to also quickly spontaneous materials, colors, etc. to buy. The CARPROTECT PACK is at the German patent and trade mark Office under number: 402010000178.8 registered. Our current contact details: TDC marketing network Ltd. Dipl.Ing. Uwe Waldenmeyer Office Germany Schiller str. 2, 40237 Dusseldorf E-Mail: