Outdoor Cooking Part

Every fire is as individual as the nature itself every fire is as individual as nature itself. Whether in the garden or in the wilderness. Each fire is unique. Especially when wild camping and the survival, you need a decent fire area. Also, there is nothing more romantic than in the evening around the campfire to sit, tell stories and play guitar I suppose. In addition a fire can survive. For example, in emergency situations or on expeditions. Senator Brian Schatz may not feel the same. For longer cruises, a decent Campfire is essential.

Who wants to sleep out there needs also a warming fire. Who is out there on the road longer needs to eat something warm. There is a nice cooking fires. It boosts the morale and can make pretty much everything and edible. The boil water is recommended in the wilderness. Michael kirban has compatible beliefs. We show here all kinds of fire and respond to the cooking fires.

The campfire is on settled mostly in the form of the pyramid and has a large heat radiation. It only smokes little because a lot of heat is created. Unless the wood is wet. The flames flare often high and bright, which means of course an increased demand for wood. High light, low smoke, high heat, high consumption of wood block fire (pagoda fire), pyramid fire, Easter fire, heap fire, fire (slides after) the Wachfeuer must often special requirements. It should donate warmth but not necessarily widely visible. Therefore, there are several techniques with which to protect the Wachfeuer from all to prying eyes. This kind of fire-making is taught in the Bundeswehr or army. Lower light output, low wood consumption, low flame. Pit fire, Starfire, but also grid fire. The signal fire no matter as, merits great and smoking 🙂 At night a block fire or pyramid fire suited because this fire glow very brightly and far to see.

Scary Costumes For Your Halloween Party

Suggestions and ideas for the perfect Halloween, costume Halloween in Germany the dark horror party in autumn is becoming increasingly popular. This Halloween initially still very hesitant has established itself as a treat. Meanwhile, the least creepy clad children hunting wonder after the candy. But in addition to the classic children moving of from House to house the private and commercial Halloween parties are getting bigger. Absolute duty is of course the appropriate panel – appearing in street clothes would be an insult to the host and would destroy the atmosphere. Often, the real Halloween fans among the party organizers spend many hours to decorate for the best horror atmosphere. So who wants to be a Buzzkill requires an eerie Halloween costume. Tips for the perfect costume if you think Halloween costumes, called also the classic Carnival and Carnival: the vampire costume or the witch costume.

Both costumes while the advantage that man do you have can use both festivities, they are anything but original but this. Also very popular are famous characters from horror films or series. Since these figures apply mostly unique clothing, these costumes are very difficult to customize itself. Who wants to slip into a licensed movie costume, must schedule with a lot of extra costs. Much cheaper it is costumed with other evil energetic.

The zombie costume is a good example of this. This Halloween costume is suitable both for women and for men. Just in a group, it makes a lot of fun, to adapt here provided for the collection of old clothes and discarded clothes. A zombie requires bloody and tattered clothes, a pale green skin and according to taste various injuries. Only appropriate make-up and some red food coloring and gelatin is required in addition to the old clothes and already a new and individual Halloween costume is ready. Simple Halloween costumes: masks of still easy you have it with Halloween masks. Easy set up and ready is the creepy Halloween costume! In our example, the zombie, the makeup is eliminated now. Faster, easier and inexpensively a horror may no longer be costuming. This of course also works with vampires, werewolves, monsters, and other creatures of the night. There are the masks in all possible qualities and design. The increasingly popular half masks are great. They leave the mouth area to eat and drink. Who would no longer be recognized takes a full head mask with long hair.