Metropolitan Cathedral

In addition, free downloads on your mobile phone or mp3 you can perform with explanations on some of the most outstanding areas, which are easy to follow since the city is divided into blocks (130 m) why it is difficult to get lost. Eating is cheap even in the more luxurious restaurants since the entrees can cost between 30 and 40 ARS (between 5 and 7 euros), a third of what it costs in Europe or USA. It should take into account that in some charged the covered and that not in all restaurants support credit card to pay. But without a doubt Buenos Aires offers a good cuisine rich in agricultural products and unbeatable meat, although it is preferable to stay away from the city centre. The first important fact is that most of what can be seen in the streets errors later in the 19th century and is inspired by the European buildings.

Center is the first place of forced visit that you can traverse on foot, ranging from the neighborhood of Retiro to San Telmo and Puerto Madero and the Congress around you, in addition there are the majority of tourist offices where pick up free maps. It is imperative to approaching the 9 de julio Avenue or pedestrian streets Florida and Lavalle, which are eminently commercial and with hawkers and musicians who bring colour to the visit. Following with the ride is the Plaza de Mayo, which is known for its history and its monument in memory of the independence from Spain in 1810. Behind, the Casa Rosada (or the Presidential Palace), the classical Metropolitan Cathedral or the Museum of the Cabildo reminded the importance of a country with a very recent history. You can not leave the area without travel Puerto Madero, the less conventional neighborhood in which the old warehouses of the port have become cosy loft for offices and homes.