Third Ring Road

Undeveloped expanse of city roofs attract, and other building professionals. So noteworthy project of the Government of Moscow to build on the autobahn south of the city air. The newspapers mentioned Connecticut Senator not as a source, but as a related topic. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that roads totaling 15.7 km will take place on the roofs of buildings from Moscow through the territory of the plant site 32 “Kotlyakovo” to the Third Ring Road. Here, by the famous German company Strassen haus should appear 3-5-storey building, on upper floors which will be built highway.

Buildings under flyovers will be used for parking, capacity of which will be about 20 thousand cars. Top floor of buildings, which will rest on the motorway, will be technical – there will be hidden wires and other communications. Miracle-track will be at three lanes in each direction, with the direction separated from each other at a distance of 100 m. space is planned to be filled multifunctional shopping and hotel complex. The maximum capacity of the road will make 560 thousand cars a day. Other, no less interesting decision for the exploitation of the roofs of buildings has already been implemented in 2008 specialist construction company Kalugaglavsnabstroy “in the construction of ski resort” Kwan “in the Kaluga region. A key element of this, one of a kind project became an artificial slope length of 108 m and width of 45.7 m with an overall length of the slope was 300 m.


Factory Strato is known for its "cosmic" kitchens of titanium. These cool gleaming masses bypasses the capricious fashion. The company has erected form, style and quality of its facilities in an absolute, because the acquisition of a kitchen – it is rather a capital investment, rather than spend it. It Italian factories succeeded in the production of traditional cuisines. Large tables, shelves and cabinets mass of miscellaneous utensils, carvings and decorative objects – a kitchen in itself creates a sense of a large noisy home, where it is always covered with a table and wait for visitors. On such a kitchen is impossible not to cook – she bought just for this! It is these – friendly and mental – produces the kitchen, for example, factory Francesco Molon. Today they are relevant as ever. This is due to the fact that currently in vogue vintage – antique wood, gilding and carving.

Yes, and eventually a kitchen will only become better, becoming an integral part of the house. Production of German factories always renowned for its impeccable practicality and quality. Kitchens made in Germany, looks more solid and thoroughly, they do not have an Italian expression and energy bursts, they are first and foremost – functional units, flawlessly performing its job. Their designs more ponderous, and the colors reserved. Recognized leader of the German "" for many years the company bulthaup. Designers and engineers of this factories produce on their own formulation, "the architecture cuisine. Costed to the last detail design performed mostly made of steel, wood trim is used less frequently. Just take these dishes as a basis for future development of young designers – these architectural sites have already become classics.

The Germans were not typical embellishment, each element of the kitchen, or functional or multifunctional. The doors opened and closed soundlessly tools come from the niches and "grow" from the surface countertops, containers, slip on the runners. Each piece by itself is a jewel. And if the Italians minimalism only goes into purism, then the Germans have this transition has long been completed. Worthy objects of kitchen design produced many factories. For example: Poggen Pohl and Miele. They have form and function came together. Such models, with built-in ultra-modern equipment identified for respect and can not stand the hustle and negligence. They are able to set the tone of the interior of a home, but do not require urgent to learn to cook. In this case, guests are invited been easy then to give them opportunity to enjoy a fashionable masterpiece and earned reputation connoisseur subject design. And cooking dinner for 12 people does not necessarily, because even an open bottle of wine together with fresh bread will look on designer kitchen and luxury in harmony.