Decoration In Bedroom

To achieve a happy and harmonious relationship in the decor in bedrooms, we must ensure the proper orientation of the bed. There are good and bad positions according to feng sui. But for this it is necessary to know certain basic sleep taboos. Never place the headboard of the bed next to the bedroom door. This much affects sleep. If the bed is floating rather than being against a wall, the negativity will be intense.

Undermining the relationship of a couple who sleep in this position. Do not allow the door to open directly on the bed, if there is another door on the other side of the bed, the problem may be even greater. To fix this place a divider, such as a screen between the bed and the door. Do not place the bed opposite the entrance to a room, so the head or the feet point directly towards her. This can cause a situation that is affected by an excessively aggressive chi vera. Also, when the head of one pointing directly at the door, says in the position of the death.

Decorating children’s bedrooms 4. Do not place bed directly below an exposed beam, since it shuts off the power of those who sleep under it. The exposed beams can cause severe problems in a society or in a marriage. The best remedy for this according to experts on decorating bedrooms, is to install a ceiling of artificial gypsum that completely hides the beams. Known these taboos, the question arises: where place the bed then? The proper location is having it diagonally opposite to the door, located so that the direction of the dream corresponds to the good addresses of each individual. It is also important in the decoration of bedrooms, make sure that the room entrance is visible from the bed. Another element to take into account, is the mirror object very used in the decoration of this room. Bedroom decoration of marriage mirrors the bedrooms that are directly in front of the bed are the main cause of the negative energy of the marriages. How big is the mirror, the greater the damage. It is not recommended, mirrors on every wall, as well as neither are on the ceiling, given that they reflect negative waves. The best thing in a bedroom is removing them completely. Otherwise, the best position for them is on the wall, who is the head of the bed. A curious, to ensure correct location: when you get up, the person not to view is reflected in the mirror. It is not good, that is no, natural flowers or greenery into the bedroom. Both the plants and the flowers, belong to the element wood and this implies energy yang, certainly not recommended in a bedroom. Therefore avoid, hanging plants, or putting natural flowers in a room, that use to rest or to be sleeping. On the other hand, what if it is good, are the floral motifs; either a curtain or wallpaper in the bedroom. Even so, do not use very large images. We hope that our tips for decorating bedrooms according to feng shui have been to his liking. We wish you a peaceful and harmonious rest. Surely you already placed underway to achieve this. Bedrooms