Deputies, the date, the law will pass to the Executive for promulgation. Thus, a cherished dream will be made 18 years ago. Peicha, 18 ary rire, jarekota nane ko lei tuicha oipytyvotava ne ojepuru enguera retame has? au hekopete opaite mba epe. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS JEHECHAKUAA the adoption of the law of languages by members would not have been possible without the participation of committed and determined, in particular, the members of Parliament Dionisio Ortega, Ariel Oviedo and Emilia Alfaro de Franco, who developed positively for the treatment of the law of languages in the session’s date, even with preference in the order of the day, since the topic was originally in point 21 of 25 points to treat. Already at the meeting of the date, the Deputy Dionisio Ortega based the adoption of the law of languages, in his capacity of President of the Commission of education, culture and religion. Then, the Congresswoman white lilac Mignarro, in their status as responsible by the Commission budget, it also mociono the adoption of the law. Then the deputies Ariel Oviedo, Emilia Alfaro de Franco, did the same Victor Rios, Salyn Buzarquis, Cesar Garcete and Cesar Lopez.

To all those mentioned reach our surveys; and in general, all other deputies who vote in favour, cooperated in the approval and sanction of the law.