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They are a great aid, but also it is necessary to accept that all are not infallible, by rather caused that are. There are even many consultants and advisers who (we have) have criticized the way of how they become, because they have become excessive, very full analyses of matrices, pictures and suppositions, complicated with riddles, and plenary sessions of unattainable objectives by impossible and/or to make of the dreams and little viable desires, aims of the same. They are action programs, which are seen and gone see affected reason why &quot happens; afuera" , in all the fields and reason why it makes and it lets make the competition in the trade. In addition, because plans are made to be developed in extensive times; a thing is to have I put in the long term, and another different one is to draw up to attachment lines " guessing &quot the future; , which is not possible, and who it does, it is practically committing a suicide. To prepare itself so it comes is diferente." The clients are intelligent and we will realize than somos". In markets like which today they are had, it is necessary to be different, that is to say, it is required that a strong element exists that causes that the supply has, really, something that is sufficiently strong and attractive for the segment that works; but it is a fact that the sobresupply that is appraised, makes that a quite simple communication is needed, clear and that it says the things. The reality is demonstrating to us that the clients and prospectuses are people who know and know msde every time trade, because the means of which today account takes control that it is possible. The social Internet, networks, the trade of word, etc., have generated fast and effective diffusion processes, but to speak of the way as it is being spoken, trying more about " descrestar" and to entertain before to do clearly arrive a stimulating message and cash, they make of this other from the common errors. Original author and source of the article