Surface Blocks

3.18 Reinforcing grid is set but strictly plumb and fixed in the displacement of the wire ties and wooden wedges. 3.19 which is installed at the ends of the bar that determines the thickness of the wall, in pairs nailed boards shuttering, protected by plastic film from contact with concrete. Concrete is placed between the boards and rams. The film protects the concrete from rapid drying and ensures a smooth wall surface. 3.20 in the openings to the sides of nails nailed the support bars for boarding bridges. 3.21 On the set of supporting sticks, wooden centering – horizontal shuttering of 'sorokovki'. 3.22 cradling connected to the supporting bars nail joints through a smart bar.

So easier to subsequently produce stripping. 3.23 From the sides are mounted shields, protecting the narrow blocks lining the displacement during concreting. Masonry blocks of narrow-'doschechek 'completes the construction of the formwork jumpers. 3.24 All preparatory work had been completed. Comes the turn of concrete placement.

Cooking it yourself in a concrete mixer. 3.25 In discharging concrete from the mixer is desirable to have good assistant – can turn a wheelbarrow. 3.26 Ready concrete is placed in permanent form the perimeter walls. Blocks of pre-moistened casing for better grip with the concrete. 3.27 Surface vyravnivstsya laid concrete blocks at the top of the forms and carefully smoothed. 3.28 The photo shows the threaded anchors, zamonolichennye in reinforced zone. 3.29 Reinforced concrete girder in the formwork and the intermediate supporting columns. 3.30 One of the concrete console hanging porch with a hardwired-governmental screw anchors.