Style and Business

Prams – the main segment of the broader market children's clothes. And in this segment has its own leaders, earned the confidence of parents and children. If we talk about the popular children's wheelchairs, it is impossible not to mention popular firm, as Peg perego, Shicco and Inglesina. Then to understand why their products are well known, it should at least know a little about the firms Chicco, Inglesina and Peg perego, about their history and formation. So clearly the principles will be seen lying on the basis of these companies. Prams Chicco – brand an Italian company formed in 1946. According to Russian Chicco is pronounced as "Kikko" because the combination of ch in Italian makes the "k". On this day children's products under the brand name Chicco has more than 4,000 products.

This products for babies and pregnant women, preschool children and mothers. By goods is the only major company to market children's products. The company Chicco has its own research center, with they cooperate known cosmetologists, dermatologists and pediatricians. TM Chicco over 10 years of trust in 130 countries. The company has advanced equipment and products, including baby strollers, certified accordance with the international model of quality – ISO 9000. Production Company Chicco always environmentally friendly. Italian Liviano Tomasi first fond build race cars, then started producing three-wheeled bicycles.

In 1963 Liviano Tomasi gathered pram for children L'Inglesina Baby, started assembling their 1-x strollers in the English style. This is a common buggy 'London', which even in the twenty-first century is a classic Style Inglesina. In the 70 years the company showed to the world community Inglesina stylish pram-revolutionary 'Apollo'. In the 80 years of the twentieth century and to this day Inglesina produced other children's products. The latest technology, aesthetics and attention to detail – some of the the main points of the philosophy of the corporation. Inglesina today – a leading company in Italy, known for its Inglesina strollers and has affiliates in 30 countries worldwide. Another Italian company – Peg Perego over 50 years known to parents throughout the world and all through their car seats, baby ctulchikam, recreational child kolyackam and Driving – modelyam avtomobiley, mototsiklov, tpitsiklov c elektpicheckim and mexanicheckim ppivodom. Innovation, safety children, attention to detail and an improved design – the distinctive features of strollers from Peg Perego. It turned out that it is in Italy and are successfully developing the company, to realize their prams around world. safety, comfort and functionality – their special features.