Soviet Union

However, Why – that shamefully hushed up, the laws they write winners – the elite, which soon will of destiny than his own personal merit was in power. And there is no doubt that the laws they write for themselves, according to most of the their clan purpose than the interests of society as a whole. However, not all that easy. Live in a society and be free from its vices possible. Accusing those who are in power, we forget that they too are a product of our society and what we accepted as the cause of what is happening, just a consequence of what we do not always guess. Pointless to fight the troubles that arise naturally. They occur again. Must eliminate the cause rather than consequence.

Explicit evil – there is often a consequence of the hidden evil, which we can not be avoided, because nothing about him know. The evolution of any organism, including social, united by a common law development, from which it follows that the sum of any, even well-organized, but not related to a single process, nothing but chaos: to try to manage that business is complex and unpromising. Hence it naturally follows the conclusion: "As long as everyone is for himself, while the interests of all members of society not be bound by the idea that they will unite and not divide, we should not wait for the desired changes. It does not matter, true or false our ideals, it is important that the qualities they brought up – true! Ideals may change, but quality, developed by them – remain. Is it because many of nostalgia for the Soviet Union, despite the fact that the idea of communism have failed, but the quality that instills the people of this idea, quite suit us! It's no secret that human behavior depends on the social environment that nurtured him. Purposefully changing environment can be likened to the gods and "sculpt" a person based on any scale of values.

What prevents us to get closer to the gods? The fact that mankind has long passed from the direct knowledge of the outside world to the knowledge of the world, mediated by the media – a world imagined, virtual, considering it a reality. People and entire nations view the world through the eyes of strangers. And if the mind was formed before life and religion, today – the press, Internet, cinema and theater. Remember what is happening now at the Bolshoi Theatre and you all will become clear! "There is nothing in the mind of man, which previously would not have been in his feelings" – once said Aristotle. Influencing human feelings, especially in its basest sense, any degenerate from a culture can make people forget about what is good and bad. That's the trouble that people have no gods formed habitat, and those who for one reason or another, came into power. And then – "on the thumb": live in society and be free from its vices impossible, even if you're in power.