Ramon Gallegos

So human beings no longer found the solution to their problems in churches looking for a freer, more directly to the sacred spirituality. This seems very real, since it is known that the Church has played a very important role in society, even of power; but now we see how to earn spaces in media opining on policy, participating even in events related to drug trafficking, resulting in tragedies that to date have not been resolved. This makes us think that the Church has abandoned completely the dimension of the spirit. Click Suffolk County representative to learn more. CULTURE of peace: Humanity has to leave violence only through non-violence. Hatred can be overcome only by love Gandhi – I mean the text wisdom, love and compassion education holistic and perennial philosophy II of Gallegos Nava, which maintains a dialogue with Edward T. Clark, about human and social transformation that we find ourselves, since Gallegos believes we are living through a change of era, and we are moving to a new cultural structure. The people are asking for a change of paradigm in science, a new education, a sustainable development for the planet and the human transformation. Here I agree with Ramon Gallegos, since we are in a process of change, while as said Ramon Gallegos, Orthodox scientists are accustomed to the traditional Cartesian paradigm, but it believed that education appears to be at the basis of all this.

Ramon Gallegos refers to us the the graduate students, we seek the sense of transcendence and integrity, as well mentions; tired of the arid academic world, looking for something more inclusive. He is right to mention that we have the need for a more comprehensive knowledge, a vision that relates to the mind and heart, whereas the spiritual experience. All of this goes on to say, different from the world of traditional academic universities organized on the fragmentation of knowledge and scientism.