At last, arrived hour to declare its patrimonies to concur for an elective, either municipal vacant in State, Federal the chamber of Councilmen of one singela cidadezinha, or to the Presidency of the Republic, elect higher position for the people, all candidates must also present everything whom they had accumulated either through its true professions, of inheritances, prizes of lotteries and those values accumulated during its day in some mandate that presided over. When it comes the public such information, although to be the disposal in the site of the TSE information on each one of the candidates in all Brazil, where few are the people who have access these information, however for laziness however because they are not interested, however, when published as example in Periodicals of interior, the increase of the patrimony of Councilmen, some of first public mandate, she finishes for calling the attention the voter, to read all the substance. What it occurs in referring Brazil to the wages that politicians receive for its we prstimos is very beyond of what the great majority of diverse working categories and for much less hours that this great part of the population needs to destine its monthly drudgery. Amazon spoke with conviction. In such a way, and that it passes, it passes without the least to awake in this great mass of people any will to change this, cause many times bigger courage in these same politicians in more legislating in its proper favor increasing each time the expirations that must to it, what it would have constrangedor and shameful to have to the Country to have still to surpass an edge of very great misery. can be concluded despite when this candidate is elect and following its mandate many times the outcry of position in a bigger sphere with bigger profit can awake it will not to make something for the people chose who it, but yes in increasing its patrimony still more, he has seen what if the news in the media in general on as many values that they not only gain of wage but aerial allowances for expenses, tickets, aid of cabinet and other diverse ones, that a sum perfazem that stops some, the value already would be good if an only one was a lottery prize time, but for these politicians these values are monthly and during four years and still other benefits as vacation beyond days that a worker, has right annually. .