Machiavelli And The Fall of Heaven

If Machiavelli were still alive would proudly and perhaps a bit of a surprise as his ideas have remained in force and immovable despite the passage of time and changes in policy, the economy and generally in all areas in which men interact in their daily lives. Italian writer best-known is that principle applied to the policy under which the end justifies the means. It follows from this dubious assumption that every action, every trick, every thought, hypocrisy and, of course, all unrighteousness is valid when a goal. Machiavelli did not just write this idea in a diary or in the pages of a newspaper, not even the points in a book of profuse circulation. His advice is given directly to the rulers and they, not idle, accept the gift and begin to make use of it. And not just implement it but they presented it as a generous and selfless legacy for all the rulers of all countries and all times. And those who have dedicated themselves to the exercise of statecraft have understood perfectly: the purposes, both personal and the party must be achieved at the cost of incurring even morally questionable and ethically indefensible.

A Machiavelli is related, and not without reason, evil, so treacherous and immoral. The strange thing is the fact that there was someone like him, but the incredible amount of fans it has in the world. For the same uses a lie to invade a country to win an election. It does not matter making up the most important figures of the economy to gain popular favor, to change the laws to their advantage. It does not matter in a campaign with money lawful to do with resources derived from dark. In short, Machiavelli continues to speak out loud and repeated over and over again the phrase which summarizes its principles: the end justifies the means. Who has read “The Prince” the best known of the nefarious adviser, summarized his ideas in two words: bad faith.

And this is precisely the recommended tool for anyone who wants to read and attend to their lessons. And what if there are people dedicated to putting into practice these valuable lessons for those who feel that the important thing is to get to power and hold onto him, no matter how or at whose expense. However, despite Machiavelli and probably his fault, ethics and morals do not go out of style. More than ever, politics and all other activities of daily living, men and women need not be bought or sold. Although the earth tremble. Even though the heavens fall.