Legal Commission

As if it were a campsite, Sol camp extends the length and width of the square and blue awnings of days ago now occupy just 30%, approximately of space. The camp has increased and There are numerous tents located throughout the Plaza. Solar energy in the Sun camp is beginning to be renewable after that concentrates are installed this Friday, may 20 the first solar panel for based laptops and other computers that have in the central Madrid plaza. As they have explained, the environment is also included among its concerns, and have organized a specific Commission to discuss proposals qque already has the Twitter hashtag # #sersostenibles, where you can discuss sustainability. They agree to not allow recording in the outraged concentrates in the Puerta del Sol areas have agreed this Friday, during a general Assembly held this afternoon, not to allow the television cameras recorded in four zones of the tent. At this public meeting have rained criticism of the media, who have been charged of manipulating and misrepresenting the situation and the events that are generated in the plaza.

After an intense debate that have been able to hear interventions in favour and against that is recorded in all corners of the concentration, most of those gathered has adopted to prevent that video images are taken. The areas of the camp that are not going to allow the presence of cameras are those of communication, Legal, nursing and child care. The Legal Commission spokesman has stressed that they will be serious on this issue. We respect as individuals to the cameras and journalists who have long days but we ask that we not recorded, because some of us have responsibilities, it has secured. Source of the news: the prohibition of the JEC provokes a cto named in Sun