Law Of Attraction – An Eye For Eye, Tooth For Tooth

The phrase that the title of this article comes from the law of retaliation, which (this law in particular) was established to put a limit on the taking of revenge. To that end quote Wikipedia: "The term lex talionis (Latin: lex talionis) refers to a legal principle of retributive justice in which the rule imposed a punishment that was identified with the crime. Thus, not only speaks of an equivalent penalty, but an identical sentence "However, the law of attraction will see that this term applies to oneself and to oneself. Since the attack or injure someone, even when we believe we are defending ourselves from the other returning verbally insult, all we are doing is opening the way for the "dart" to throw us back to an equivalent or even by someone never met. This does not mean you have to walk down the street leaving you and insult you and hit you without doing anything. Yet there are many occasions that before such a verbal attack, one must pause for a moment, think of cold and respond if it is justified, not in the same way, but without showing up for revenge, because otherwise, we will attract more hatred hatred, we will bring more harm and damage well with everything. I bring this up because as a result of recent articles I wrote got in some of the more than 20 sites where I upload my post some criticism, but harsh criticism, insulting and totally unfounded ideas or concepts that underpin different from those expressed by me, but being his sole purpose to damage and blatantly insulting to think differently, or who humbly offers its share of truth. .